How To Do A Green Wedding, On A Budget

For the bride on a budget, here are a few eco-friendly and affordable ideas for you:

Paper Products – Choosing paper products that are eco friendly is not very difficult.  Many invitation companies are now producing invitations made from recycled paper and printed with soy based ink.  Some other ideas for saving money and paper is to choose a “double.”  A “double” is an item which is being used for two purposes.  Such as a favor and placecard, or programs and menus.

Favors – Speaking of favors, try doing eco friendly favors like wildflowers seeds, actual plants, bamboo placecard holders, or tea sachets.

Flowers – Using exotic flowers seems beautiful, but consider the emissions that are being produced by delivering them from overseas.  Choose local organic flowers or plants such as herbs.  Then guests can win the centerpiece and plant them at home.

Honeymoons – Choose a location that limits your travel time.  Plus choose a location that promotes bicycles for traveling.

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