Daily Wedding Advice – Day of Shoes

Wedding Day Dream Shoes

I see it all of the time, brides going and buying very expensive wedding day shoes.  Now don’t get me wrong, they are beautiful and take incredible pictures.  But, the pain and suffering approximately 2 hours into wearing them, makes me want to cry.

Here is some great advice when it comes to those day of wedding shoes:

1.  Some of the most expensive wedding shoes out there can also be found at local shoe outlets.  Payless and many other shoe store have a wonderful and comfortable line of wedding shoes.

2.  Remember to have your shoes already purchased before you go for your dress fittings, every 1/4″ will make a difference, so don’t bring shoes to a fitting that I just like the ones you will eventually buy.

3.  The main advice I have for your wedding day shoes are, to wear them at least for 15 minutes, 4 times a week for the 3 weeks prior to your wedding.  Breaking in your shoes is very important and is one of the largest mistakes that brides make.

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