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Do You Want More Beautiful Skin?

By Karen Schrowang
LaV Beauty

What better day to have the most beautiful looking skin, than your Wedding Day!
LaV Beauty invites you to explore their world of Mineral Makeup. LaV ‘s innovative liquid, powder, concealing and color Mineral products are derived from nature and then combines them with science to correct and protect your skin, making it perfect for your Day.

LaV Beauty Minerals provide you with a natural, non-irritating sunblock that guards you from UV light, yet allows your skin to breathe.

They are the ideal choice for any woman who has imperfections and/or skin concerns. Our mineral makeup corrects flaws and imperfections, making them virtually invisible.

What are the Side Effects?!
Hypoallergenic, Free of Fragrance, Oil, Talc and Pore-Clogging ingredients

Contact laV Beauty today for a Mineral Makeup Consultation and receive $10 Off* your Purchase. (*purchase price of $50 or more)

LaV Beauty Mineral Makeup – Your Beauty…Naturally
LaV Beauty Your Look of Choice… Naturally
Makeup Artistry * Cosmetics * Home Workshops
Karen Schrowang – Makeup Artist
POB 161 * Ulster Park * NY * 12487

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