“4 Tips For A Stress Free Wedding Day”

Vivian Photography
written by Stephanie Padovani

Most brides forget to consider one important detail: the environment they will be getting ready in. The way you wake up and get ready sets the tone for your entire wedding day, and if your surroundings are stressful and cluttered…that’s how the entire day will feel.

For brides who don’t think about this detail, getting ready looks like this: the bride decides to get ready in her home or in her parents’ home. She invites her entire bridal party, her mother, and mother-in-law. The whole crew shows up to get ready together. The make-up artist and hair stylist arrives and no one knows where anything is. Every five minutes one of the girls is yelling from the next room, “Where’s the hair spray?” “Where do you keep the tweezers?” “Does anyone have a band-aid?” Because the bride (or her mother) is the hostess, she gets bombarded with questions the whole time. No relaxation happening there.

Then, the photographer shows up to shoot the dress and the bride in her gorgeous, anticipatory happiness. But where does she take this gorgeous photo? In the dark bedroom where all the girls have stashed their jackets and purses? In the living room with its mantle crammed with photos and knick-knacks? With stuff everywhere, the bride ends up racing around the house, cramming things into the closets in a last minute attempt to create a picturesque space.

On top of that, the house is mission control for all the visiting family. Aunts and uncles keep popping their heads in, taking the brides attention, asking for help, and generally getting in the way. It’s chaos.

That’s what inspired Vivian to create Space, her studio/living room/bistro/lounge where brides and their bridal parties can get ready for their big day in a relaxing, quiet environment. It’s perfect to relax and be pampered–not bombarded–on the morning of your wedding.

She gives a few pointers for starting your wedding day out right:

1) Think about where you want to get ready. Ideally it should be a quiet, peaceful, uncluttered space outside your home with lots of light and neutral colors that will complement your gown.

2) Once you pick the location where you will get ready, choose the brightest room to put on your dress. You want lots of natural light and neutral colors so that you are the focus of the photos…not the multi-colored afghan or the pile of clothes on the couch.

3) Do the cleaning and de-cluttering BEFORE your wedding day. That way you’ll be able to relax as you’re getting ready.

4) If you aren’t sure whether your home has enough light or the right colors for beautiful photographs, consult your photographer.

I’ve visited Vivian’s Space a few times now and the minute I walk through the door, it’s like taking a tranquilizer. I sigh and just feel the tension drain from my shoulders. Seriously, the colors and the flowers are the essence of elegant simplicity. It would be SO much fun to get ready there. That is, if I were getting married.

Ah, to be a bride again…

Here’s a photo of Space with cool uplighting:

Where will you be getting ready on your big day?

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