Tips on Finding & Staying True to You During Wedding Planning

I know, perhaps more than anyone, how overwhelming wedding planning can be and how easy it is to get lost in the details. I always encourage clients to find their voice and stay true to themselves during the planning process.

1. Determine who you are as a couple. What do like you to do for fun? Where have you traveled together? Do you have any cultural or religious tones you want to incorporate in your wedding celebration? Map out what these and your most memorable moments together are and incorporate those into your celebration. Your guests will appreciate getting to know you as a couple, whether it’s through your thoughtful vows, cheeky table names, or your fun, choreographed first dance.

2. Don’t buckle under pressure. We know that your family + friends have the best intentions and want to help you prepare for this joyous time in your lives. But if you aren’t keen on using your cousin as your florist, even though your aunt insists, don’t. Instead, perhaps ask her to create your toss bouquet. If you’re not comfortable with a certain ceremony style that your family is pressing for, try to find a happy medium. We know the importance of honoring family, friends, and tradition, but we also know the significance of today’s couple creating their own traditions.

3. Think about what you don’t like. For many couples, this can actually be a difficult task and they have trouble explaining their vision. I encourage you to browse the wealth of wedding resources online to get ideas as to what inspires you, but more importantly, what you don’t like. This will be incredibly important to relay to your coordinator, florist, your band, your photographer, and other wedding vendors who might otherwise be unaware.

4. Don’t be afraid. After all, this is your wedding and it should be a reflection of you. If you love relaxing in the Caribbean, surprise guests with an amazing cocktail hour complete with a rum bar and steel drum band at an otherwise formal wedding. Share a love of European travel? Create an unexpected après-dinner wine and cheese hour for guests, encouraging them to stay and visit all night, in true European fashion. If you’ve always dreamt of walking down the aisle in a blush pink gown, don’t be shy! The bottom line is to do what makes you both happy.

5. Laugh. I can’t mention this enough. Your wedding shouldn’t be a chore, but the greatest celebration of you both. Enjoy your planning process and focus on what’s important to each of you. Not only will you cherish your celebration, but your guests will see the sincerity behind each personalized detail.

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