Wedding Day Emergency Kit

The most important event in your life is unfolding before your very eyes – your wedding day. The happiest day you are experiencing may seem to be the most perfect day. But no matter how perfect your wedding day is, it is still important that you are well prepared.

Even though you’ve planned for your wedding for months, accidents do happen. What you need is an wedding day emergency kit that contains the bare essentials such as health aids, attire, and grooming – to get you by should the unexpected occur.

Here is a list of what the kit should contain:

Health Aids

Aspirin or other pain relievers
Upset stomach medicines such as Pepto-Bismol
Feminine hygiene products


Flat shoes when your feet hurt
Anti-slip shoe pads
Stain removal
Sewing tape or masking tape
Sewing kit and safety pins
Extra buttons
Extra earring backs
Extra pantyhose
Tossing garter
Contact lens solution
Extra contact lenses


Mouthwash or breath mints
Floss, toothpaste, and toothbrush
Perfume or cologne
Bobby pins
Straight pins
Small scissors
Lint brush
Make-up remover
Cotton swabs or balls
Wet wipes
Hand lotion


Extra cameras or video cameras
Batteries for the cameras
Stereo and some CDs or IPod with your wedding songs
Contact information of all vendors
Contact information of all wedding participants
Copies of directions to ceremony, photo location, and reception

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