Words Of Inspiration, Part 1

The Journey

Your Wedding day is a wonderful day to look forward to, yet it is actually a very short space in time compared to the preparation and the planning involved. The Journey is to be treasured and enjoyed. Take the time to write out goals and then as each goal is met, rejoice in a small celebration. Invite friends to dinner and toast with champagne. These mini celebrations will allow you to enjoy the entire process, and not just the day.


Take a deep breath and relax…  Sometimes, to keep our sanity during the wedding planning journey, the best thing to do is to stop, relax and breathe.  Breathing supplies your body with oxygen, slows down your heartbeat and creates a calming effect throughout your being.  If you feel the wedding planning is becoming stressful, then take a break.  Plan on treating yourself regularly with a massage or a night out each week with no wedding planning allowed!  When you give yourself permission to relax and not work so hard, in most cases, more is accomplished.  So BREATHE!


When planning your wedding day, you will find yourself facing an extraordinary amount of choices.  How do you distinguish between all of the choices that you have?  One answer:

Use Your Intuition

Stop and listen to your inner voice, then listen to the advice it is giving you.  Note how you feel when you meet with someone.  Beware of red flags.  Do not try to force a round peg into a square hole.  Be patient.  All the exact right people (wedding professionals) will present themselves to you almost as if by magic.  And when the do, don’t hesitate –

Hire Them!

Words by Patrice Sanchez, Weddings – A Celebration of Planning

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