Planning Your Wedding While At Work

So there is a wedding in your near future. So much has to be done, including fittings, shopping, mailing, addressing and all those things included in planning it. The list of items is endless and sometimes if seems as if there is no way out of it. Especially when many work 40 hours a week and are exhausted at the end of the day. If only there were 30 hours in a day.

Here are some tips to help plan a wedding during a workday. Remember, every little thing done here and there is one less thing to do on the weekend.

Make Calls and Send Emails

Simply arriving to work a few minutes early each day allows for time to make some phone calls to caterers, hotels, venues, photographers and other before ever clocking in. It does not take long to make an appointment to check out a ceremony site over the weekend. Keep phone calls brief and be done before having to start work.

Rather than going out to lunch, bring your lunch to work and continue making phone calls during that time. Also, if allowed (check with the boss first!), send a few confirmation emails to vendors while on break.

Sending Issues

To save the time of standing in line just to get the postage rate of the wedding invitation, ask the boss or supervisor if you can use the mail room to weigh invitations and other mail related items.

Since many do not have access to a fax machine, if allowed to, send contract back to vendors from the work fax machine. This will not only save time from going to a local office supply store to send it, but the money to do so.

Shop During Lunch

Rather than going out to lunch, bring a lunch with that can be eaten in the car while heading to a local shop. During this time try on shoes, look for dresses, get bridal gifts and complete other small tasks. This will help eliminate the trip to several shoe stores in one day; just by going to one a day until the right shoe is found.

Lunchtime is also the perfect time to head to a caterer’s for a sampling. Not only will time be saved, but also the vendor wanting to be hired will provide lunch.

Get Organized

Lunch is the perfect time to get organized. Bring all the paperwork needed for the wedding with in one large file folder. Rather than organize at home, place items in the folder and save this task for during a break at work.

Remember, not to complete many of the items requiring use of office equipment without first checking with the boss.

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