Biggest Wedding Day of 2010 – 10/10/10


The most popular wedding date of 2010 is October 10, 2010 or 10/10/10.

If you plan on getting married on 10/10/10 there are some good things and bad things to deal with for this day.

Good Things:

Fall in the Hudson Valley is the best time to get married with the beautiful vibrant fall colors that paint the mountains and valleys.

Columbus Day Weekend is a wonderful way to have a weekend wedding.  Not just the day of the wedding having a celebration but creating a weekend for your friends and family.

How can your fiance ever forget your anniversary.

Bad Things:

Trying to find a location that is still available.

Trying to find availability for the following:  Hotels, Officiants, DJs, Photographers, Florists.

so if you are planning on a 10/10/10 wedding date, be prepared to fight over the good professionals that are left.  It is estimated that just in the Hudson Valley alone there will be over 200 weddings on 10/10/10.

Good Luck to all of those October 10, 2010 couples.

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