Relax at Your Reception

The Hard Part is Over

Once you have made it through the wedding ceremony, the hard part is over. Your dress fit, your groom appeared on schedule, the Justice of the Peace or clergyperson has blessed your union, the pictures have been taken, and your day is complete – almost. Next stop is the wedding reception to meet your family and friends and take in the lovely wedding reception decor that awaits you at the reception hall. Take a deep breath, relax, and have fun.

What Will Be, Will Be

Think back on the months of planning you’ve put into this day or, most appropriately, the wedding reception. No amount of seating plans, and setting out place cards will keep guests from moving the cards to sit next to their friends or other relatives. No amount of disposable cameras will guarantee that every single table will use them, in fact, some guests might just carry them away. No amount of planning will keep smaller children seated at a table away from their parents, and seating them with their parents doesn’t guarantee they’ll behave.

Music is Music

Even if the disc jockey lost your list of requests or the band doesn’t know the song you specifically requested, your wedding reception isn’t ruined. In a perfect world, everything happens the way we’d like it to. In the real world, we work with what we have. If your favorite song isn’t played, dance to a different song.

People watching you dance with your father at your wedding reception will remember the moment, not the song. Unless you hired a specific musician to play a specific song, it’s not a major concern. If your hired musician doesn’t show up, or if they play something other than you contracted, you may have a course of action after the reception.

Everybody Dance Now

People love to dance at weddings; even guests enjoy watching others dance. If you keep people on the floor, they’ll have a great time. Make sure there is plenty of water at the tables. Not only is it cheaper than liquor, it’s also welcomed when dancers sit down. It refreshes them enough to get a second wind and go back out again.

Limit the Bar

The bar, whether cash or open, should be available for a short time before and for some time during the wedding reception activities. However, advise the bartender not to serve those who appear to be very intoxicated, even if they arrive that way.

Nothing can go so wrong on your wedding day that it can’t be fixed, there’s almost nothing that needs immediate attention and/or action or attitude during your special day, so relax and enjoy!

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