Tips For Choosing Bridesmaids Dresses

The bridesmaids dresses are a crucial part of the wedding ceremony. Not only do the bridesmaid adorn the bride, but they are standing at the front during the ceremony for every guest to see. Here are the BEST 5 tips for ensuring your bridesmaids look dazzling.

#1 Never wait! Bridesmaids need to know your vision early so they can get fitted early. Alterations during peak wedding seasons can take up to six weeks or longer which means ordering the dresses at least two months in advance.

#2 Shop before buying. It is NOT a great idea to step foot into the first bridal shop you find and choose the first dresses you see. Shopping around in both physical stores and online can give you an idea of the styles available for your bridesmaid dresses. Taking pictures of physical dresses and ordering these custom made to the measurements of your maids is the optimal choice.

#3 Be professional. Before ordering the bridesmaids dresses, all attendants should be professionally measured. This will ensure the measurements are correct and the dresses fit the first time around.

#4 Shop together. Not every body shape is the same, so shopping together is a GREAT idea. The maids can try on different styles of dress before the final selection is made. Again, just because a bridal store offers a style does not mean you have to pay their high prices. Custom dresses can be ordered at a fraction of the retail price.

#5 One order – one shipment. All bridesmaids dresses should be ordered at the same time. If the dresses are ordered separately, the fabric dye lots could be slightly different colors. They may look the same from afar, but when the maids are standing next to each other the color difference will be noticeable.

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