Clinton Wedding: So What Will Happen That Day?

American Royalty Wedding

But… What Will The Day Be Like For Chelsea?

Let’s start with the day before the wedding.

Friday July 30th 2010 – The Rehearsal

All of the wedding party and family start to gather and meet each other.  For some, this will be the first time meeting soon to be family.  Chelsea will most likely be in a strapless cocktail or sundress, never to upstage the wedding gown, but still to say “I am the bride.”  Officiant arrives ready to run through all of the details of this beautiful ceremony.

The Rehearsal begins – the officiant or the wedding planner will take charge and round up all of the members of the wedding party.  Some officiants start with lining up the wedding at the altar or ceremony area, and others just line up the wedding party at the end of the aisle in order.  Most rehearsals have the grandparents, parents, wedding party and bride walking down the aisle at least once sometimes twice.  First time is slow and figuring out all of the logistics of speed and placement.  Second time is faster and more of a comfort for the wedding party as far as flow.

Now they are done with the rehearsal, onto the dinner.

The Rehearsal Dinner – Usually just the immediate family and wedding party, but lately it is becoming customary to include the out of town guest who have arrived the night before.  The rehearsal dinner is to never upscale the wedding.  Usually a little more casual and informal.  Dinner, drinks, maybe even a groom’s cake.  The bride and groom will usually make a toast to all of the wedding party and a grateful toast to the parents.  The couple will then hand out any gifts they have selected for the special people in the wedding.

The Big Day!!

Early to Rise – Most weddings, even late ones, force a bride to get up early.  Hair and Makeup can take between 3-5 hours depending  on the number of ladies and stylists.  So for Chelsea let’s give her a break and say 8 am wake up, 8:30 am breakfast in bed, and 9 am shower.

Hair and Makeup – Starting at 9 am with a few bridesmaids, and then Chelsea emerges around 10am.  Always nice to have some cheese and crackers and fruit on hand.  Please never forget the coffee and tea.  Choose a large enough room for the professionals to spread out, have good natural light, plenty of electrical sockets, tables, chairs, and mirrors.

Don’t forget to Eat! – Now Chelsea probably had breakfast, fresh snacks to nibble on, and now lunch before we go any further.  Most important rule, EAT!!  Chelsea’s wedding planner will most likely make sure that she has a light lunch such as, little sandwiches with turkey, egg salad, crab salad or sweet potato.  Protein is a must to keep you going for the rest of the day.

Getting Dressed – Chelsea will most likely get dressed around 2 pm.  I am sure all of her bridesmaids will be in full attire before she decides to slip on the beautiful wedding gown.  The photographer will capture every moment with her mom shedding the first tear and the maid of honor buttoning her dress.

Seeing Each Other – In true Modern Jewish (and not so Jewish) Tradition Chelsea and Marc will see each other before the ceremony.  The photographer and wedding planner will orchestrate a significant point in both of their reflections on this day.  Maybe Marc will be standing on the lawn overlooking the Hudson River and Chelsea will stroll casually towards him, when all of a sudden the photographer says, “go ahead and turn Marc.”  Suddenly Marc turns and sees his stunning bride with a huge smile and maybe a tear, his heart skips a beat and he can’t help but bring her in closer and kiss her.  Every vision of this moment was better than she could have every hoped.

Photos – Knowing this beautiful estate and anywhere along the Hudson River, the photographer will take advantage of the beauty.  Photos alone will probably take 1 hour and then 1 more hour for the family and wedding party.

The Ceremony – Sometime around 5pm.  Maybe a Chuppah, maybe not.  If they decide on a Chuppah it may be covered in ivy and sprays of Hydrangea.  Not too much, just enough to catch your eye as you are being escorted to your chair.  Then the music begins, the grandparents are seated, sometimes by family or maybe a groomsmen.  Then first will come Marc and his parents, hand in hand.  Next maybe a ring bearer.  Then the wedding party, bridesmaids and groomsmen together, and don’t forget the flower girl.  Last but not least Chelsea with her mom and dad.  Dad, Bill Clinton will be on her right, sh she is closest to his heart.  Mom, Hilary Clinton, will be on her left and with her hand holding under Chelsea’s forearm, while Chelsea holds her bouquet.

The music changes as the bride enters and all guest rise from their seats.  This is the moments where mom and dad feel the powerful change of hands for their daughter.  This overwhelming feeling will just pour out of them.

The ceremony will continue with the parents on the side of the Chuppah and the young couple with the Rabbi under the Chuppah.  They will exchange vows and rings and then kiss.  Now they are Husband and Wife.

The Cockatil Hour – Sometime around 6pm.  I am sure at this royal wedding there will be white gloved service.  All presenting passed hors d’oeuvres and champagne, maybe a favorite cocktail or two.  Mostly casual socializing, and a few group photos.

Reception – Sometime around 7pm.  As guests start to find their seats the parents and wedding party start to line up for their grand entrance.  Not “here comes the football team” but more of a debutant ball or state dinner introduction.  Chelsea and Marc will then be last to enter and take over the entire dance floor with their choreographed routine to their favorite song.

There is a very good chance that Bill Clinton will then lead his beautiful daughter to the dance floor for a song that only she knows.  But within a few notes the tears start to flow and a huge smile comes across his face.  The whole room and feel the emotion of the moment, and even a few tears fall from them also.

Next might be Marc and his mom, maybe a little tune she sang him as a child.  More Tears!!!

The Toasts – I can’t even imagine the nerves of the Maid of Honor and Best Man for the toasts.  These are some of the most influential people in the world sitting in this tent and you can’t say anything wrong.  Maid of Honor first, which is going to be more mushy and girly, best man next, hopefully funny but yet a little inspirational.

Dancing – I am sure this will be a grand band like no one has seen.  Every song chosen carefully.  Dancing before the first course I consider a must, get the party started early and no doubt it will carry through the rest of the night.

Dinner – Most likely a 3-5 course dinner.  Only the best for royalty.  No way to guess the food selection as every wedding and caterer is different.

Cake – Made by the CIA, no not the Central Intelligence Agency, the Culinary Institute of America which is located 13 miles down the road.  Only the best can be instructors at the CIA so I have no doubt that the cake will be spectacular and a sure centerpiece.  I just hope it is not too hot and it starts to bleed.  But if it too hot, put the cake in the entrance to the house with the chandelier hanging above, perfect.

More Dancing and the Party – The amount of guests that will be attending most of the evening will be Chelsea and Marc visiting and table to table.  It is customary and proper etiquette to visit with all tables of guests to make sure they are having a good time and say thank you.  I am sure the reception will not be limited to a 4 hour block but continue through the evening.  I predict the wedding ending around 1am.

Gifts – It is very likely that the new couple will elect to have all gifts (monetary) donated to a charity of the liking, along with any favors.  I am sure Oprah doesn’t necessarily need a candle or wine bottle stopper.

So my advice for this bride and groom:  take your time, don’t feel rushed, and enjoy the moments with family and friends.  The day will go quickly and there is no redos.  But most important, you are marrying your best friend and this should be embraced.

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  1. I think Chelsea is going to look gorgeous on her wedding day! Cannot wait to see the photos.

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