Unique Wedding Cake Ideas

So…today I decided to scour the internet in search of the world’s most unusual wedding cake. I was truly amazed at the plethora of, what you might call, “anti-wedding cakes” out there.  The cakes I found ranged from really creative to just plain creepy…and pretty much everything in between.  It seems that many of today’s couples are opting for a wedding cake that is as “unique” as they are. Take a gander at just a few of the fun cakes I came across in my world wide web travels today….

Scrabble anyone?

Attention shoe fanatics!

If you have a thing for designer handbags, you could have a matching cake!

Not sure how you would go about cutting this cake, but it’s pretty cool!

…and if you really like peacocks.

This “Melting Clocks” cake would do Salvador Dali proud!

Have cake, will travel!  Apparently, luggage cakes have become quite popular.


I hope this couple’s wedding day wasn’t this disastrous!

Adventures in hot tubbing!

I “bet” this couple really enjoys gambling?!  Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

…calling all green thumbs.

Can you say salmonella poisoning?!

…and if drinking is your favorite pastime!

Surely you jest?

Why not incorporate your passion for deer hunting into your wedding day?!

…and my ALL-TIME favorite!  This bride had a life-size cake made in the likeness of…HERSELF!  Which leaves me with just one question…which part of her did they save to eat on their one year anniversary?  Hmmm…

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