Wedding Guest Book

Even the little things (like where a guest book is placed) can result in little glitches (like a slow moving line) on your wedding day. So, I’ve compiled some wedding guest sign in books tips. If even one of them makes your reception or wedding day run a little smoother, my mission is accomplished!

  • Make sure your wedding guest book is located somewhere where everyone who enters will see it and sign it. This seems obvious, but unfortunately, I’ve been to weddings where half the guests never saw the wedding sign-in book because it was placed in an “out of the way” location. The resulting lack of signatures was…well, depressing. I’ve found that having the guest book in plain site might not be enough either. It might be a good idea to catch your guests as soon as they enter. If the book is located somewhere away from the entrance, many guests might see it, and intend to sign it eventually, but end up forgetting. Another option is to have a member of the wedding party circulate the wedding guest sign in book around the tables during dinner or entertainment.
  • Remember, it will take people time to sign the guest book, so if it can be positioned so guests can sign-in while they wait in your receiving line…all the better! If you don’t have a receiving line, make sure you place the guest book in a location that’s easily visible from the entrance, but doesn’t block the flow of traffic.
  • Choose the right kind of pen or marker for your wedding sign-in book. Make sure it will last. Choose a tip that will be legible. Choose a color that compliments your book, and is easy to see. Consider the type of paper your wedding guest book has (glossy, etc), and choose a pen that won’t smear or leak through the pages. How the pen writes is more important than how it looks! (What good is a cute feathery pen if it ends up making all your guests’ signatures look like smeary blobs?) I often suggest having a friend or family member sign the guest book in advance for a pen test run.
  • Think about your reason for having a wedding guest book. Is it to add a unique detail to your reception? Is it to preserve the names of guests in attendance? Is it to ask for advice or messages from guests? A combination? Make sure the guest sign-in option you choose fulfills your reason for having a guest book. Make sure it’s quality and will last if that’s important to you. Make sure it’s something you’ll want to display around your future house if storing it in a closet isn’t what you have in mind. Make sure it’s well-thought out and…YOU!
  • Make sure your wedding sign-in book has enough pages for everyone to have room to sign.
  • Remember, your wedding guest book can play a key role in setting the tone for your guests. It will be their introduction to your wedding’s colors, theme and personality. Let it tell your unique story!

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