Wedding Registry Tips

Go for the gusto when registering for wedding gifts! This is the chance for brides and grooms to think ahead as they plan their lives together. Ask for quality, classic household items that will stand the test of time. Family members usually want to give a present that is memorable. A good set of down pillows or wonderful crystal glasses are nice suggestions and will be used over and over again. Follow our wedding registry tip guide to get the most out of a wedding wish list.

Tip #1: It’s important for the couple to select basic household items, such as classic white or ivory table linens, basic china, neutrally monogrammed white towels, and a warm blanket. Sit down and discuss as a couple what items are truly desire for the home. Build a foundation that may be blended with current trends or customized to create a couple’s own personal style.

Tip #2: Make a list of the desired items and try to stick to it! Don’t just show up to local home goods store and start scanning everything in sight!

Tip #3: It’s important to take time and shop around to find the best prices, which is easy to do when browsing the internet. Remember to take into consideration the guests that will be attending your wedding and their differences in budgets.

Tip#4: Try to select stores that offer online registries. Shopping the internet is easy for guests since they can shop for the happy couple in the convenience of their own home. They can quickly view a list of items and their availability. Remember it’s ok to have multiple registries from different stores, but just be aware of online registries that do not update purchased items.

Tip #5: Try to set up the registry not too far in advance from the wedding date. Chances are stores will discontinue certain items throughout the seasons, leaving the happy couple’s registry incomplete with unavailable items. 6 to 9 months before the wedding date is a good time frame to create a registry.

Tip #6: When registering for bed linens, some couples make the mistake of adding to their registry two bedding ensembles in completely different designs and end up receiving bits and pieces from each collection having to buy the rest themselves. To get around this dilemma, register for a basic bedding ensemble, including the sheets, duvet cover and shams in a solid color or simple pattern. Then add to the registry an additional duvet cover, pair of shams, accent pillows and accessories that can be mixed and matched to coordinate with the original.

Tip #7: When selecting table linens, choose a classic white linen tablecloth that will never go out of style. To add the splash of color and design to the tablecloth, select multiple sets of napkins, napkin rings and placemats in different, yet coordinating styles, so that different looks can be built with just a few pieces.

Tip #8: Keep a complete list of registered items on hand as to avoid purchasing or receiving duplicates of an item up until the wedding. If an item is received for the holidays or a birthday that may be on the wedding registry, the couple has the opportunity to update the registry as time goes on.

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