There’s one thing that every guest is after during a wedding reception – a good piece of cake. However, the traditional wedding cake can present a wash of wedding problems, which is why you may want to consider the newest little nuptial trend—wedding cupcakes.

Wedding cupcakes can offer variety of cake options to match the variety of your guests. Not only will guests be sure to find a flavor that they’ll like, they’ll also be able to find one that meets their particular dietary restrictions. From sugar-free for your diabetic friends to delicious favors that are also gluten free or vegan-friendly, wedding cupcakes give you the chance to make sure that every guest can partake of your cake.

Wedding cupcake displays also offer a distinct advantage over traditional cakes. These displays not only add a special piece to your special day, they also retain their design as the wedding party proceeds. A traditional wedding cake may look beautiful in the beginning, but once the carving starts that cake can end up looking more like a botched surgery scene than an important part of a precious memory. With cupcakes, your guests can enjoy the cake and continue to enjoy the beauty of the display throughout the night.

For many, nothing will ever replace the traditional wedding cake, but if you’re looking for something trendy and memorable to make your special day stand out, or simply need to solve the diverse dietary needs of your guests, cupcakes could be the tiny solution to your big wedding problem.

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