Wedding Day Hair

Every aspect of your wedding is planned out well in advance to make sure that your special day is perfect. The same should be considered when preparing your hair! Start by creating a game plan with your hairstylist as soon as you know your wedding date. This will ensure that you both are clear on exactly what kind of hair style, accessories, cut, color or length you want your hair to be!

Here are our tips to get the wedding hair of your dreams!

Pre Book
Pre book your wedding day appointment as well as a trial, so that you and your hairstylist are clear on exactly how you want your hair to look. Like your dress, it’s always good to try a few different looks until you find the look that’s right for you (and the overall wedding style you are going for).

Don’t Forget the Pictures
A picture is worth a thousand words, so bringing in your favorite wedding hairstyles from a magazine will help your hairstylist clearly and precisely understand the look you are trying to achieve.

Take a Long Term Approach
Once your hairstylist understands your ideas for your wedding look, it will impact your cut and color plans for the months leading up to the wedding. Creating an extreme look through a trend setting style or a chemical process could compromise your hair’s length and health for your big day. After all, hair only grows about 6 inches per year!

Enhancing your Look
Hair extensions are a great way to enhance your current hair with more volume, or length or both. There are many options when dealing with hair extensions from color, length and quality. From there, accessories can be added in after to compliment the style itself.

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