Wedding Guest List

Creating list of wedding invitations can become a total chaos. Whether your mother requests to invite all her neighbors, whether your partner insists to invite colleagues from work, you will encounter some obstacles in planning the guest list. There is still hope. If you follow these tips then you will not have some nightmare surprises invited for your wedding.

Choose guests depending on budget
Before you begin to think about the guest list think about the budget that it is allocated for the wedding, but also the type of wedding that you desire. If you want a wedding with a few guests, you should choose just the important persons in your life to participate at the wedding and you can come with a plus on the menu, decorations and favors. If you want to make a big wedding, because you have so many people that you cannot cut from the list, you can opt for a more modest and less menu and decorations to fit into the budget originally set. If you want to make no compromise in terms of wedding style, location, menu and decorations, you will have to limit the number of guests, so you could have the wedding that you desire without making a hole in the budget.

Who are the guests
Generally it is , told that the family who pays more for the cost of the wedding have the right to invite more people to the wedding. The simplest approach is that each set of parents get to invite the same number of people. If your parents or in-laws really need to invite more than the number of persons than you can consider to ask them to contribute more money to cover the spending. It is out of the question to not invite your parents, grandparents, brothers, uncles and favorite aunts, so do not talk about it, but about those relatives whom you rarely see or never. Even if the parents insist to invite them, try to make the list so that the closest relatives are present. Then review the budget and room capacity where the wedding is organized and only then include other people.

Friends and colleagues

The party and fun, tend to collect a lot of people, but that does not mean that you have to invite your hairdresser and teachers. Friends should be chosen by those who you have a close and long friendship with, which you share daily life with. In general invite friends who are close to you and will also be in the future. In terms of college or job colleagues, don’t invite the entire  group just because you were getting along well.

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