Winter Wedding Flowers

Many brides agonize over what flowers to choose for a winter wedding. The winter wedding flower dilemma is further complicated by the fact that many of the flowers that are traditionally used for weddings like roses are out of season in most places in the winter and that drives the cost of having roses up. What time of the winter you plan on having the wedding can also affect flower prices.

At Christmas time poinsettias will be in high demand so using poinsettias for your winter wedding might be out of your price range. Roses are the perfect flowers for a Romantic Valentine’s Day wedding so have lots of pink, red, and white roses everywhere if you can afford it. Roses during Valentine’s Day season can be very expensive so if you need to pinch pennies choose other white, red, and pink flowers like freesia, carnations, lilies, or tulips. If you are on a tight budget you might want to consider using some flowers that are in season in the winter and so might cost less and might even look better than flowers that are traditionally summer wedding flowers. Here are some cheaper flower alternatives to think about for your winter wedding: Amaryllis is a winter flower that is usually available in red and white and is a great low cost alternative for Valentine’s Day weddings. The Anemone is a star like flower that is usually in season in the first part of the winter, before January and is usually available in blue, red, and pink or white. Daffodils are yellow, and are usually in season from January until June.

Blue Forget-me-nots are a great choice for a Jack Frost/Fairy theme wedding Holly is an absolute must for Christmas weddings, and is very inexpensive during the Christmas season. Many people don’t realize that Jasmine is a winter flower, and Jasmine can be a wonderfully fragrant choice to add romance to your wedding. Consider using jasmine and a few red roses for a Valentine’s Day wedding. The Star of Bethlehem is a lovely white winter flower that can be used as inexpensive decoration filler. Tulips are in season from December until the end of April and come in many different vibrant colors like pink, white, red, purple, and other colors that are very appropriate for winter weddings.

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