You Do Have Options For Your Ceremony!

Do you feel as though you are not in control of the ceremony?  Do you know what is going to be said during the ceremony?  Are you being told that special ceremonies, such as the unity candle and remembrance ceremonies are not allowed?

Wait a minute, who is paying for this ceremony?  Would you accept your florist saying, “I’m sorry you can’t have roses at your wedding?”  No, you would go to another florist.

There is a forgotten vendor called the wedding officiant.  Some of these wedding officiants are of a specific faith and others are considered nondenominational and study interfaith.  They will assist you and guide you through the process of the wedding ceremony.  Most will be very open to theme weddings, destination weddings, and special ceremonies.

The wedding officiant will be a professional who specializes in weddings and ceremonies.  They are public speakers and have the experience is in grabbing the attention of your guests, making them feel your affection and love for each other.

Some of the wedding officiants meet with you as a couple, and the write the ceremony specifically for you and about you as a couple.  Other officiants will have ceremonies for you to choose from that best matches you as a couple.

Always remember, a wedding is not a wedding without the ceremony.  Otherwise you are just throwing one big, maybe expensive party.  So don’t just settle for a ceremony someone else wants for you, make it special, make it romantic and funny.

Don’t settle for a ceremony you don’t want, design and develop the ceremony of your dreams.  You only get married to your partner once.

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