How to Make a Candy Buffet

To begin…

-Start with a simple tablecloth that won’t detract from your buffet. Avoid super busy prints on your tablecloths.

– Do use a tablecloth unless you have a special table that corresponds with your theme!! A big mistake people make is forgetting this small but necessary step. Your eyes will be drawn to the table more if it is covered. Plus, it creates a clean canvas to design your masterpiece.

– Next, you will want to add various levels and heights to your table to avoid the look of a church potluck with dishes all in a row. To do this add different sized shoe boxes or wire racks under your tablecloth. Don’t over do it though. You can also place pretty boxes etc over the tablecloth to add height for a different effect.

– Next you will want to gather a variety of containers to hold your candy. Your choices here are crucial to success of visual appeal! In general, clear containers work best. With some decor themes, other containers like buckets or baskets fit the theme more appropriately. Choose different sizes and shapes for a fun, easy look. Or for more symmetry and evenness, stick to the same shapes.

– Pull out your creativity when arranging the containers on your table. Use your eye and your style, just be sure your table stays balanced.

– The candy selection is a super fun part. When selecting candy, choose candy with visual appeal. Avoid commercially wrapped candy. Keep your theme in mind while making your selection. Are you working on a vibrant, colorful table or are you working toward an elegant effect with only one or two colors? Both choices offer amazing tables! But it’s important to keep that in mind when candy shopping. Also, M&Ms can be purchased in almost any color in the rainbow!

– Custom labels over candy bars offer a detail on your table that will look stunning!

– Another detail that makes a statement is lollipop presentation. Buy a block of Styrofoam and wrap it with candy dots to hide the foam. Then stick the lollipops in it.

– Filler candy is fun to work with too! The lollipops will stand just right in the foam, however, the foam is still visible. Pour candy around the base to cover all the foam.

– When filling your containers, I have a big, huge money-saving tip! Once you empty a family size bag of M&Ms into a jar, you’ll realize the candy doesn’t go very far. Instead of buying more candy to fill the jar, turn empty cups upside down on the bottom of the jar then pour the candy in. It will absorb some of the space and save you a lot of cash.

– The buffet should be almost complete! The exciting part is accessorizing your table! You can add labels to the jars to embellish it and draw out your theme. You can also add ribbon to some of the jars to carry unity throughout the table. You don’t want your table to look mis-matched.

– Adding candy scoops to your table is a charming touch! Don’t forget to find goodie bags for your guests to take their treats home in. Custom stickers can be added to the bags.

– Almost done! To complete your candy buffet, add a background banner and balloons/flowers depending on your theme. You can also put the banner on or over the table instead of behind. You can also add two balloon or flower bouquets on either side of the table.

Finally, the most important tips are…

– Pay attention to the details! The details will certainly make a difference.

– Keep your theme in mind the entire time. Add or embellish your theme with everything, don’t subtract or stray from your theme.

– Be creative! You don’t need to follow directions when creating! Be unique and artistic.

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  1. I love this idea, and I am going to do a variation on it for my wedding. Instead of the typical floral centerpiece, I want to do a mini-candy buffet centerpiece with maybe three different jars of candy. We’re having a vintage theme, so I was wondering if you have any suggestions on how to make the centerpieces look visually appealing? Thanks!

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