Ceremony Decorations

The wedding ceremony will be the most memorable part of the day. You will want accessories that will add just the right touch. Flower baskets decorated with beautiful ribbons and flowers, ring bearer pillows that give off just enough sparkle, custom aisle runners that help pave the way down the aisle and much, much more.

It’s easy to add a personal touch to your wedding ceremony with some of these must have ceremony accessories:

~ Aisle Runner – An aisle runner is perfect for either an indoor or outdoor wedding ceremony. It adds interest to your wedding photographs while protecting the bride’s dress. Wedding aisle runners come in a variety of colors and can be customized to add a special touch.

~ Flower Petals – Your flower girl may toss from her flower girl basket as she walks down the aisle or if you do not have a flower girl, consider flower petals to decorate your aisle runner.

~ Pew Bows/Sashes – Create the perfect bows to decorate your pews. Mix and match colors and flowers to compliment your color scheme or wedding theme.

~ Flower Sprays or Rose Embellishments – Decorate the pews, church doors or baskets with your wedding flowers to add a little decor to an unexpected spot!

~ Pew Candles, Luminaries & Lanterns – Light the way down the aisle by adding luminaries or lanterns. Adding light will add an intimate feel to your ceremony.

~ Basket of Tissues – Offer a basket of tissues to family and friends during the ceremony to help dry their tears of joy. Consider a customized handkerchief for parents, in-laws or grandparents.

~ Banners – A wedding banner will take your decor to a new level! Coordinate the banner to match your wedding colors and personalize it. Great for both the reception and ceremony.

~ Bubbles & Confetti Poppers – What could be more romantic than sending the newlyweds off in a shower of bubbles or Confetti Poppers? They make a unique photo opportunity for the bride and groom.

~ Programs – Find a design that matches your theme and all you’ll need is a printer to create your own custom wedding

~ Car Decorations – Don’t forget about your getaway car! Spruce up your transportation from the ceremony with fun car decor like “just married” signs, window clings, balloons and more!

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