Your Wedding Exit

So much planning goes into a wedding and the following reception, that one essential element often gets overlooked: how to exit your reception in style. After the toasts have been made, the cake cut, that first dance completed, there is still that special moment in which you will exit into the real world for the first time together as a married couple.

“Just married” scribbled with shaving cream on a car’s windows and cans dangling from the bumper, are classic signals to the public that you just tied the knot. If you are looking for a more unique exit strategy, here are four different, less messy, options you can take.

Buy a “Just Married” license plate. There is no mess with this option and you can easily leave it on your car for a few weeks after your nuptials.

Assign someone to hand out items for your guests to use as you walk out of the reception. Some of my favorites, besides the classic rice option, are bubbles or sparklers. Sparklers work best for an evening or night reception.

For a dramatic exit use fireworks.  Just make sure you check with the area’s fire marshal and get the appropriate permits.

Consider your reception’s location. If it is an outdoor affair, leave the party on horseback or on golf carts, for an unexpected mode of transportation.

Incorporate one or two of these options into your reception exit and leave your party with flair. The best part is no shaving cream clean up the next morning!

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