Television Opportunity for People in love!

BBC and National Geographic Television Science Series looking for people to take part:

This new television series will explore the science behind love, sex and relationships explaining everything from the science of falling in love to the science of conception and birth.

As part of the program we are keen to explain how love works in the brain.

We’re therefore looking for couples to take part in a fun science experiment in New York City by well-known anthropologist Dr Helen Fisher.

Either you or your partner will be asked to lie down in a brain scanner whilst being shown a picture of your other half. The idea is that we’ll be able to see love in your brain!

We’re therefore looking for:

A couple who have been together for ten years or more
Participants will need to be available on 8th November within 2 hours drive of New York (we can arrange transport to and from your home if needed).

If you’d be interested in taking part please contact Harriet as soon as you can:

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