Entertaining Your Wedding Guests

Your wedding is a special moment that remains in your memory. It is a unique moment that deserves to be peppered with less common items. The latest trend is to create a real show during the reception. Here are some entertaining ideas for your wedding reception that can turn your wedding night into a memorable event.

  • Create a slide show presentation including photos with you and your partner. These can be pictures from your childhood and during your relationship to suggest how it evolved. With the help of your photographer images from your ceremony can even be included. During the reception, it can run continuously or can be run only once, with a representative background song.
  • Magicians, dancers, acrobats can all be hired at a price to keep your guests happy and entertained. (And it’s fantastic for weddings that include children) Remember to check out any performer first before the big day to make sure you like what they do.
  • Caricaturists are also becoming more popular. This is not only a bit of fun, but your guests get to take away a lasting memory of the day.
  • Set up a photo booth with props like funny hats, wild glasses, wigs and chalkboards for guests to write messages that will appear in their photos. Guests will have a great time being creative, and you’ll have lots of photo memories to cherish.
  • Have the videographer set up a stationery camera so guests can record their own messages to the bride and groom throughout the evening.
  • Set up a lounge with cigars, billiards and casino games or poker. The gambling fans on your guest list will more than appreciate this option.
  • Create a quiet lounge area with couches, coffee tables and lamps for guests who would like to take a break from the music and dancing.
  • Use the season or your location as an opportunity to greet guests with a refreshing drink. Lemonade and sweet tea will quench your guests’ thirst while gathering in the blazing sun, or serve hot apple cider to warm your guests during chiller months.
  • What says fun faster than the aroma of fresh buttered popcorn or fluffy cotton candy? Rent machines that create affordable, easy-to-serve snacks to take the edge off guests’ hunger before meals are served.
  • Offer wine or beer tasting stations and let guests guess the newlywed’s favorite vintage or brew.
  • Who doesn’t like something with the word “bar” attached to it? Your guests will delight in all things bar, from a mashed potato bar or dessert bar to an espresso or martini bar.
  • Fondues are making a comeback, and whether you prefer sweet chocolates or savory cheeses, your guests will relish in the rich offering.
  • Bring in a gelato or ice cream cart to complement or replace the cake or cupcake tower.
  • Satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth — set up a candy buffet! It’s a great way to get guests to interact and have fun. Choose candies in your wedding colors so the buffet blends in with your décor, and provide favor bags and boxes for guests to fill themselves.
  • Hire a fireworks company to put on a show for guests at the reception site if it is outdoors. Even though a professional fireworks show can be extremely expensive, it will surely entertain guests and make them feel special. Brides on a smaller budget can opt for sparklers and ground fireworks to set off during the reception or during the bride and groom’s departure.

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