Top trends for the upcoming 2013 Wedding Season

Look around at the current popular movies and television shows – like Snow White and the Huntsman, The Hunger Games and Games of Thrones – and you’ll see braids everywhere. There are a variety of ways to wear braids for both the bride and the bridesmaids, not to mention great hair accessories that will accent the style perfectly.

The Color Mint
The color Mint seems to be everywhere nowadays and this soft and elegant color is sure to be a top wedding trend in 2013! Mint pairs well with many other colors such as coral, yellow, and salmon. Mint is vintage and modern at the same time, making a comeback from the 1940s- 1950s era when it was a favorite color in household décor. The color mint can be incorporated into weddings in many ways bridesmaids’ dresses, flowers, vases, accessories, cakes and more!

Whether it is behind the head table or for a photo booth, backdrops will continue to grow in popularity. They can be beautiful yards of lace, strips of multi colored fabric, or floral garlands hung vertically.

Groom’s Lounge
Things like scotch and cigar stations, barber shop straight razor shaves, couches and cow leather are all so totally great for your special guy! Wouldn’t you want your man to have something to do at the wedding that makes him super happy? Somewhere to go with his buddies and have a few on the rocks?

After Party
For the 2013 wedding season, if you are planning on attending a wedding, and you are sober/capable of still partying, expect to attend a “Post Wedding Reception Party” or better known as “The After Party”.

Less is More
Very simple minimalistic décor and relaxed styling will be more noticeable. Trends will include minimalistic venues, simple flowers with scaled back table decoration, clean lines, simple rustic elements, less fussy elements for those who are looking for the wedding to be more about them and less about details and style.

Patterns & Prints
Stripes, polka dots, chevron, paisley, and even gingham! Patterns are playful and there are a million ways to use one for a pop of fun on your wedding day.

From full-on lace dresses to just a touch here and there to accent a dress, lace has already started to appear on the runway. However lace is not just for the gown – lace details in the wedding décor is becoming a hot trend, too. Lace can make an elegant statement anywhere from the invitation to the wedding cake.

Virtual Guests
expect to see live streaming of weddings, skype dates with the bride and groom, and recorded videos from loved ones far and wide. We love that technology is involving those who can’t be at the big day, and we love that brides and grooms are taking advantage of every technology opportunity!

Extended Receptions & Late Night Snacks
Look for receptions that last a tad bit longer so that couples can fit in a change in entertainment and the ever-popular Late Night Snacks. For some couples, receptions will be divided in to three distinct sections, the cocktail hour with low-key music and food, the dinner hour or hours with all the expected wedding traditions, and two to three hours of fun where it’s completely acceptable for Grandma and Grandpa to head on home.

Roaring 20’s
Vintage has been a popular theme for the last couple of years, but this year we think brides will specifically focus on the 1920s. Elements will include pearls, ruffles, fringe, feathers, lace and pinstripe suites. Instead of a veil, a bride can tuck her hair back with a peacock feather. Maybe the bridesmaids wear fringe on their dresses to spice things up. A long strand of pearls always reminds me of flappers, but are a truly timeless jewel. Art deco styled jewelry is also a great way to evoke the 20s feel.

Love birds as cake toppers, birds in invitations, or even birds in the wedding favors – birds are making a striking appearance for the year of 2013. Bird houses where the roof can come off make perfect card boxes, feathers on brides maid dresses or on the bride are making a big impact in wedding fashion. Bird invitations are a great fit if you are going to have a vintage wedding.

Food Trucks
Food trucks are the latest rage. Great for late night snacks for eg: ice cream, donuts, tacos, BBQ and more. A hot way to get the after-party started!

Laser Cut Designs
Eye-catching cut out designs will be seen on everything from invitations to dresses.

Birch Bark
If you are trying to create a rustic/country style themed Reception, then Birch Bark will add a refreshing and unique feel to your event. Birch Bark can be incorporated into anything for your event such as centerpieces, guestbook, cake stand, table numbers, etc. The ideas are endless.

It’s a cute theme that reveals personality or a couple’s story (i.e. location where groom grew up, etc.).

It’s different, but it can work well if you don’t over do it. Just an added element here or there will do the trick.

Ombré is a French term meaning “shading”, it is typically seen as a multicolored stripe with colors graduating from light to dark. Try incorporating an Ombré wedding cake, or perhaps an ombré floral centerpiece.

Chicken Wire
As the Rustic Wedding Trend continues, burlap may just find some tough competition from another material chicken wire as a sought after wedding detail. Chicken wire is so inexpensive and easily can add that vintage charm to just about anything.

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