Unique Wedding Registry Ideas

1. Honeymoon Registry

Sites like HoneyFund allow you to ask for money without really asking for money. The site allows you to tastefully request cash for everything from airfare to a special breakfast.

2. Home Savings Registry

Sites like HatchMyHouse offer couples the opportunity to put money towards a future home or perhaps just furniture and home improvements.

3. Gift Card Registry

CardAvenue allows couples to register for gift cards from select stores and let friends know about their choices via email. It’s also offers guests a resource for buying fully-priced or discount gift cards.

4. Donation Registries

Through the I DO Foundation, guests can donate directly to a couple’s chosen charitable cause via a secure system. Charities are grouped into six focus areas including health, environment, social justice, community development, education and children, youth and families.

5. Wine Registry

Couples can create a wish list at WineEnthusiast and fill it with everything from stemware, corkscrews and accessories to selections from the The Wine Enthusiast Catalog’s wine cellars. Most items are available gift wrapped.

1 thought on “Unique Wedding Registry Ideas”

  1. I love the idea of charity picks being included in registries to give people more flexibility to give and help out at the same time. Obviously it’s great when these can be combined with traditional products but it’s a nice way to branch out beyond material goods and especially helpful for those who can’t make it, but still want to be meaningfully involved.

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