Designing Your Own Wedding Invitations

When you’re trying to cut costs on your wedding budget and decide to make your own wedding invitations, you’ll probably need a few helping hands. The hundred-plus guest list will have you busy for a few weeks-months, if you’re not the crafty type!-and you may need to be more resourceful with your time. Online wedding invitation websites are a great way to customize your own wedding invitations and send them off to the printer. All it takes is a little creativity and inspiration, and you’ll be well-prepared with a set of invitations that are truly one-of-a kind. As you get going on the design process, here are just six tips to making yours as special as the Big Day:

1. Use your own poem or quotes. Many online wedding invitation companies offer templates of different designs, but you can choose what you would like printed in the text. Look for a quote or short poem that has a special meaning for both of you; it’s an easy way to make sure your invitations really stand out!

2. Add some 3-D accents. This can take the form of leaves, raffia, shells, twigs, or even sequin embellishments for a completely customized look. Save some money by bulk ordering the printed text on the invitations, and then settle in for a weekend of pasting and sticking the accents yourself.

3. Design a unique logo of your names. You can do this with basic photo editing software, or work with a graphic designer who can design some stylish typography of your names.

4. Include a photo of the wedding venue. If the wedding is going to take place at a historical church or other attractive venue, consider adding a picture in the form of an artist’s rendition or simply a black and white cutout. This works well as a nice personal touch.

5. Add a link to your personalized wedding website or blog. You can include this as a small business card as a keepsake, and use calligraphy or other fancy script to write out the web address. Wedding blogs and websites are becoming increasingly popular for couples to share their insights and stories about their Big Day.

6. Seal them the old-fashioned way. Consider sealing each invitation’s envelope with a wax seal and imprint of your initials. This is a classic touch that won’t be forgotten!

Designing your own wedding invitations is a great way to cut a few costs and flex your creative muscles. Wedding invitations can be ordered in bulk from a printer, or you can even print them off at home if you have a quality laser printer. Whatever you decide to do, don’t settle for templates and basic designs-add a few customized embellishments and you’ll soon have a masterpiece to share!

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