Picking Your Wedding Venue

Congratulations on your engagement! You must be floating on clouds but with a million things on your mind. You’re probably working on your wedding checklist. One being your venue: When selecting your perfect venue for your reception and ceremony, you will be asked and should ask some important questions.

What is the maximum amount you wish to spend on the reception and ceremony?
Your Budget is a very important part of venue selection. As you begin your search for that perfect site, it is important that you advise the venue how much you have budgeted for your reception and possibly your ceremony. Do not put yourself through the stress of finding the perfect site and then discover that it is out of your budget.

Create your wish list.
What do you want included in your reception and ceremony?
You may not achieve all the items on your wish list but this will give you an outline to determine what are important to you and what can be eliminated. Your wish list could be as simple as tray passed appetizers, champagne toast, dinner and your wedding cake. The venue may have charges that you are not aware of like room rental, linen charges, dance floor rental, cake cutting and service. Make sure that if you are considering the ceremony site at the same venue, you must include the cost of renting the space and set-up into your budget.

Number of Guests
What is the maximum number of guests you will be entertaining?
This does not mean that the guests list cannot decrease; this just determines whether the venue can accommodate your total guests list if needed.

Wedding Dates
It is important to inform the venue of your wedding date when you are calling or e-mailing. If your date is not available, are you open to other potential dates? This small but very important piece of information will save you time when touring venues for the first time.

Always research your sites before making that first contact. Use the internet; it is a good source of information for Brides and Grooms.

Schedule all your appointments in a specific 3-4 week period when at all possible. It is easier to remember pros and cons of each individual venue if they are close together than separated by months.

The Tour
Avoid surprises; ask questions about time lines, food minimums, available dates, rentals and any hidden charges. Don’t leave without a proposal from the venue; especially if you were offered special incentives.

Before signing the contract
Read it carefully and if at all possible meet with the venue to finalize the contract. It is important that the initial contract or confirmation of event, time and date be specific. Make sure everything you’ve discussed is on the contract. If you don’t see an item that was discussed, discounts or offers they may have included, ask them to include it. But most important, if you do not understand a clause or phrase, get an explanation.

What is most important… You are unique and one of a kind. The day of your wedding should be created just For You.

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