DIY Wedding Decorations

The reception represents a large chunk of your total expense. Make your own decorations and you’ll slash the reception costs. Here are a few ideas from around the Web:

For lighting:

Yarn ball string lights.
Homemade votives from Mason jars.
Billboard letter lighting.

Setting the scene:

10 different garland ideas.
Tin can vases.
Small and large crepe paper flowers.


5 table runner ideas.
Table numbers from old books.
Napkin rings from toilet paper rolls.

Now, here are a few more ideas to help cut costs:

  • Pick DIY ideas that use what you already own like a large collection of old books, records, magazines or lace swatches.
  • Shop flea markets for odds and ends. Flea markets are a great source for buttons, bottle caps, twine and other odd bits.
  • Ask your local Freecycle community. For a friend’s wedding I needed a few hundred buttons to make place holders. I figured it was a long shot, but I posted an ad on Freecycle anyway. An hour later, I had my buttons.

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