Questions to Ask your Wedding DJ

Having enough information about your choice for entertainment on your wedding day is very important. Just as important is knowing specifically the right questions to ask during your DJ’s first interview with you. Here are some steps to take to be prepared:

1. Be ready to talk about what’s important to YOU. No matter whether you are or a bride or a groom, your wedding DJ is an important part of your reception. He serves as the “bringer of the fun”. Your DJ should be mindful of your requests and the flow of the cocktail hour, dinner service, formalities, etc. Therefore, you should be fully prepared to discuss what the most important parts are of the reception and how they should be perceived by your guests.

2. Ask how he dresses for a wedding reception. If your DJ isn’t a seasoned pro, this will throw him for a loop. The only responses you should accept are, “I have some very nice suits” or “should I dress a certain way?”

3. Ask for references. I know you have heard this so many times with regard to so many types of businesses, but for this situation, it is extremely important. Your wedding DJ should be able to provide you with three RECENT references for you to contact. If, after your first meeting with your wedding DJ, you do not receive these references, you may want to move on to another DJ interview.

4. Ask if the DJ has a “style”.  There is no right answer to this question, but if you don’t have a warm and fuzzy feeling after you receive your answer, you’ll know what to do.

5. How many songs does your DJ have? The number should be so big, it should blow your mind. Any great DJ worth his salt is an avid collector of music of many genres and should have any and all of your requests on hand. If not, the DJ should be able and willing to purchase any additional music you need (important fact there).

6. Is your wedding DJ familiar with your venue of choice? You can really tell how seasoned your entertainer is by being familiar with most if not every venue in your city. Some newer DJs shouldn’t be counted out if this question gets answered with a “no”. They may come highly recommended by a friend of yours, or you may have seen them perform at another event.

These questions aren’t the only ones that should be asked, however. These are great questions to get the ball rolling and to ignite your imagination to ask more in-depth questions. The bottom line is this – you should feel comfortable with your choice of wedding DJ. If not, do yourself a favor and schedule another appointment with another DJ.

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