Questions for Your Wedding Caterer

When you sign a wedding catering contact, it is absolutely essential to know exactly what your paying for, otherwise you may be hit with extra charges our you may not get the service or quality you are expecting.

1. What kind of food do you specialize in?

2. What is your average price range for wedding catering? Do you charge separately for each food item or do you have a flat rate. Please provide a price sheet.

3. Where will the reception food be prepared?

4. Are you a licensed caterer?

5. Do you require the wedding reception hall to have ovens or other equipment?

6. Do you serve all freshly prepared food or is some of it frozen ahead of time?

7. Do you provide glasses, plates, serving trays, and tablecloths or do I have to pay extra for these?

8. Do you charge extra for food servers?

9. Do you charge a cutting fee for wedding cakes?

10. Does your catering price include soft drinks and alcohol?

11. Is your wedding menu limited to in-season fruits and vegetables?

12. Do you offer a wedding buffet menu? (Buffets can be less expensive than sit down dinners.)

13. Do have different prices for children?

14. Would it be O.K. with you if you just prepared the main dishes and allowed my family and friends and me to bring the salad, bread, and side dishes?

15. What is the minimum number of guests that I have to pay for?

16. Will you let me sample the food at one of your events?

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