Tips Every Bride Should Know

  • You are in control and deserve to receive the best anyone can offer.
  • Your contracts should have everything spelled out with no surprises or hidden costs.
  • You must feel comfortable and have a good relationship with the vendors your working with. You must like them and trust them.
  • You should never be shy about approaching the best venues as you will be surprised to find that most places will want your business and the better ones may be willing to negotiate.
  • You should think about transportation logistics. If you find a great place at a great price but your guests are staying elsewhere, the logistics of getting people there and back can be a nightmare. The best-planned events are ones in which it is easy to move people around. Think about location and convenience.
  • Be a savvy shopper. Call or email prospective vendors with a list of questions. Be prepared. Shop around.
  • Don’t pay the florist for votives. Check to see if you your venue gives them to you at no extra cost.
  • Passing drinks on trays looks nice but is not the best way to offer drinks. Wine becomes warm, mixed drinks diluted and Champagne flat plus guests take a few sips and then put the glasses down and order something else.
  • Champagne toasts are not necessary at rehearsal dinners. Save it for the wedding. Guests will be doing spontaneous toasts all evening long. Let them toast with what is in their glasses.
  • In the end, it usually comes down to who you trust to do the best job and take all the worries away from you and your family.

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