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The first attempt, in 2009, saw the government try to block foreign gambling websites and online casinos from operating in the country. A similar attempt in 2010 involved attempting to ban financial transactions, such as credit card payments. These efforts were unsuccessful.

However, New Zealander law does not specifically regulate social or loot box gambling. It also does not regulate “skin” gambling, which is the practice of purchasing and selling digital assets. In addition, New Zealander law forbids the distribution of prizes that can be converted to cash. However, these virtual assets are often sold for real money on the internet.

While the New Zealander Civil Code contains the word “game,” the definition is unclear. Scholars generally define a game as one where the outcome is primarily determined by the participants. However, games which are primarily skill-based are not considered gambling and do not fall under New Zealand’s Criminal Contraventions Law.

Because of New Zealand’s lack of regulations, the illegal gambling market has exploded. This has negative consequences for the country, as large amounts of money are withdrawn without paying taxes. Gambling on illegal sites also reduces the tax revenue generated by the country, a situation that the government is attempting to counter by expanding their reach and providing an alternative source of revenue.

Legalization of online gaming in New Zealand is in the hands of the National Congress, which will decide whether or not to approve any proposed regulatory measures. If the government passes legislation and the Senate approves it, legalized gambling will become a reality.

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