Free Wedding Workbook & Website

FREE Wedding Planning Workbook & Wedding Website

At Hudson Valley Ceremonies we have will create a
wedding planning website just for our couples.

Here are some of the great features that are available on
your personal website:

Guest List
Task Calendar
Wedding Ceremony and Reception
Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner
Seating Arrangements
Engagement Activities
Bridesmaid’s Luncheon
Bridal Shower
Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties
Post-Wedding Activities
Gifts and Thank Yous
Costs and Payments
Vendors and Contacts
Out of Town Guests
Gift Registry
Create and Collect Notes Electronically
Organize Notes into your own Categories
Attach images and Links to Notes
Share Notes with Family and Friends
Maintain a Master Email List for your Wedding
Create Customized Lists
Send Email in Bulk
Works with your Existing Email Address
and so much more!!

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Wedding Stationery Trends

Choosing a wedding invitation can be both a delightful and a difficult task. Whether you’re hosting a casual backyard wedding, a sophisticated black tie affair, or something in between, your wedding invitations set the tone for your big day.

While traditional options are still popular, stationery trends often echo the haute couture fashion of the world’s leading designers and you’ll find your stationer stocks colors and designs fresh from the catwalks. So, what are the latest wedding stationery trends?

* Be bold. While invitations are still available in traditional colors – white, ivory and ecru – many brides are opting for bright and bold colors instead. Think tropical pinks and citrus yellows, alongside deep blood reds and sophisticated black and white motifs.

* Think theme. Invitations that match the color scheme of the wedding are extremely popular. Other themes include the wedding’s location or the season of the year.

* Black and white is back. Black and white is the ultimate wedding theme trend right now, with the juxtaposition of light and dark, old world charm and contemporary chic offering endless sophisticated styles. Black and white can be used in so many different ways – formal white with just a splash of black satin, black flocking, jaunty pin stripes, pretty polka dots or old-style Hollywood glamor.

* Personalize it! High quality photographs and personalized designs are increasingly popular.

* Be inventive. Card-style invitations, tri-folds and specialized presentations (rather than single panel invitations) are increasingly popular. Many include photographs, embellishments like ribbons and bows, scroll invitations and all-in-one pocket-fold cards.

* Stand out from the crowd! Consider non-traditional fonts that make an invitation stand out. Brides are opting for printed calligraphy, artistic fonts and even custom fonts.

* Go eco-chic. Many couples are choosing unique, natural and recycled paper stocks to create a special texture and feel, while preserving the environment at the same time.

How To Plan a Green, Recession-Proof Hudson Valley Wedding

by Stephanie Padovani
The DJ Solution

Ever since the economy took a nose-dive, brides and grooms in the Hudson Valley have been carefully watching their green–the remaining green cash in their pockets, that is. But there’s another type of green establishing a new trend among weddings in the Hudson Valley: the “green” wedding. It turns out that planning a green wedding that’s good for the environment is also good for your pocket book.

Exactly what is a green wedding?
A green wedding incorporates eco friendly practices and utilizes environmentally friendly products and services as much as possible to reduce energy consumption and the harmful impact on the environment. In plain English, it’s about planning a wedding using natural and organic products that produce less waste and inflict less damage on the environment.

Why should you consider a green wedding?
There are a lot of reasons to consider a green wedding. Some couples do it to save the environment, to support good health, to demonstrate a strong commitment to preserving the environment, or just because it makes them feel good. But when you’re planning a wedding in a recession, the most compelling reason to consider a green wedding is that it helps you save money. Surprisingly, green weddings actually cost less money. The more you REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE, the more you save. The more you conserve, the less you spend. For example, choosing local, in season blooms for your floral arrangements is environmentally friendly and less expensive. Sending wedding invitations made from recycled paper and asking guests to RSVP by telephone or email will save hundreds of dollars on response cards and envelopes. Perhaps the greenest wedding dress of all is a “recycled” (used) wedding dress. You can buy a used designer dress at a fraction of the cost, without sacrificing style.

If you want to plan a green wedding, where do you start?
The internet is a wonderful resource for planning an eco-friendly wedding. Simply search Google for “green wedding favors” or “green invitations” and it churns out dozens of options. One thing to remember is that just because a product or service is labeled “green” doesn’t mean it’s good for the environment. A truly green business can offer proof of their environmentally friendly practices.

The following sites offer information and resources that will help make your wedding a little greener.

Natural Resources Defense Council – The NRDC is arguably the most effective environmental legislation and awareness organization in the United States. You’ll find a guide to greening your event and simple steps to living green, along with ways to locate green businesses.
The Nature Conservancy – The Nature Conservancy is one of the world’s most respected environmental advocacy groups. – You’ll find numerous sources of green wedding dresses and attire, along with ideas for planning an eco friendly wedding on a budget.

Where do I go to find green wedding options here in the Hudson Valley?

The Hudson Valley offers a variety of options when planning a green wedding. Many caterers have delicious menus featuring organic, local foods. These wedding vendors often advertise their “green” status, so they are relatively easy to find. – This website has a comprehensive listing of local vendors including a Green
Vendor section.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a “green” bride, every eco friendly wedding choice makes a difference…and saves you money. Talk to your caterer, photographer and DJ for ideas about what you can do to conserve energy and choose more environmentally friendly products and services.

Stephanie Padovani
The DJ Solution