Covid-19 Rapid Tests for Events

Covid-19 rapid tests can be administered to your guests, staff and vendors for your wedding. How does it work?

  • Test provider will arrive at a scheduled time for testing, each provider can provide 15 tests per hour
  • We recommend having staff and vendors tested before guests arrive
  • More than one test provider can be added on
  • The test provides two results, covid-19 antibodies and current virus levels in the blood
  • The test is performed with a finger prick and whole blood serum is obtained via a pipette
  • Results are ready in 10 minutes
  • Cost is $30 per person for up to 20 guests and vendors, if more than 20 guests or vendors cost is $25 per person. If an additional test provider is required due to guest count or timing that cost is $100 per provider.
  • Guests and Vendors will need to be masked at time of the test
  • Guests and Vendors will go through a simple covid-19 screening and sign a infomation form

For further information or any questions please contact us via email at