Green Weddings

Here are some great ideas to have an

Eco Friendly Green Wedding


Choose a location close to your home to save on fuel

Choose a location that has the ceremony, cocktail hour, and

reception all in one place

Consider an outdoor location to add the natural beauty

 Wedding Dress and Tuxedo:

 Buy a vintage dress

Buy an organic silk or hemp dress

Choose a simple dress that can be worn again

Donate your wedding dress to charity

Rent tuxedos or have groom and groomsmen wear close to

matching suits


 Buy 100% recycled paper invitations

Use invitations that use soy ink

Create a wedding website with all wedding details to save on

the paper involved in the invitation ensemble

Use a postcard for the RSVP instead of card and envelope


 Use locally grown and organic flowers

Find a farm that grows wildflowers

Use potted flowers, plants or herbs instead of cut flowers

 Food and Dishes:

 Find a caterer that uses locally grown food and organic food

Renting real glasses, dishes, or silverware instead of



 Instead of favors let guests know on website and on 100%

recycled paper that you have donated to an ecological


Use wildflower seeds or small bamboo plants as favors

Provide a 100% recycled paper bookmark


 Choose a local destination

Choose a hotel that promotes green practices

Use bikes on your vacation to go to tours

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