Rev. Danella Abbey

Each person has their unique spiritual path.  It is this understanding combined with pastoral experience, a keen awareness and respect for “Spirit” that has enabled Reverend Abbey to perform unique ceremonies and rituals. If you are looking for a wedding officiant or minister who demonstrates sensitivity, compassion, and open-mindedness, then Reverend Abbey is the one.

Registered in the five boroughs of New York City and the Hudson Valley/Catskills Region of New York, she honors all philosophies and therefore orchestrates spiritual, life partner, non-denominational, traditional, and civil weddings.  In addition to these she also conducts, commitment ceremonies, vow renewals and is a wonderful singer who can vocally express your feelings through song.

The love between both of you and the people you choose to include in your celebration is of utmost importance.  Rev. Abbey is honored to be your partner in creating a beautiful day to remember.

photo(1)Danielle and Bernrich St. Louime

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Packages and Pricing


We were thrilled with HVC and Reverend Abbey. The entire experience was pleasant, helpful, joyful, and really helped make our day special. For us as a couple, as well as our guests.

Travel Fee:

For Officiants residing within The Hudson Valley the first 20 miles are free.
For the ceremony every mile over the first 20 miles from the officiants location is $1.00.
For the in-person consultation or rehearsal every mile over the first 20 miles from the officiants location is $0.50. We only charge for mileage one way.

For Officiants picked for NYC and Long Island weddings that reside outside of NYC:
For officiants residing outside of the NYC five boroughs or Long Island there is an additional $50 travel surcharge to cover bridge and parking fees. This will be added to the package in addition to the standard travel fee for each time the officiant needs to travel into NYC or Long Island.


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