Rev. Naomi Fay

Hello, I’m Reverend Naomi Fay.  I was Ordained as an Interfaith Minister in 2007 by The New Seminary, (TNS) in NYC, the first Interfaith Seminary founded in 1979 to address the intolerance between religions and other spiritual traditions.   I felt compelled to go into seminary not to become a minister, but for my own spiritual evolvement.  My training in conflict resolution and peace education allowed me to merge my spirituality with my educational background.  It felt like a logical fit, but mostly, I listened to my heart’s call.  Now 9 years later, I have integrated my spiritual life with my everyday life and the journey does continue as I expand more.  Being an Interfaith Minister is a beautiful expression to live my life’s call.

In 2005 I started doing Interfaith Worship services for my local community.  I realized how fulfilling it was to celebrate people at the same time to be of higher service.  Once I was ordained, in 2007 I did my first wedding ceremony.   This experienced allowed me to fully channel love through my being. I was really hooked and found my passion to honor sacred  relationships.

I began to see all of life as a ceremony and I especially became more and more curious to dig deeper into how ceremony can be a powerful and transformative experience.  Soon I was in the flow of doing many weddings and I am humbled each and every time I get to do what I love.


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Travel Fee:

For Officiants residing within The Hudson Valley the first 20 miles are free.
For the ceremony every mile over the first 20 miles from the officiants location is $1.00.
For the in-person consultation or rehearsal every mile over the first 20 miles from the officiants location is $0.50. We only charge for mileage one way.

For Officiants picked for NYC and Long Island weddings that reside outside of NYC:
For officiants residing outside of the NYC five boroughs or Long Island there is an additional $50 travel surcharge to cover bridge and parking fees. This will be added to the package in addition to the standard travel fee for each time the officiant needs to travel into NYC or Long Island.