Heather Cullen

Wedding Planner


Heather has been planning events for as long as she could remember, her passion 1st started when she was still in high school.  At the time she did it just for fun, planning themed birthday parties, graduation parties or just “for no reason” parties, along with also being the travel agent/group organizer for all the trips her large group of friends would venture on.  Naturally she realized being an Event Planner was the perfect career choice for her, being able to do something she loved and did so well was a dream come true!

Being a successful event planner is much more than meets the eyes! Heather is an extremely organized and detailed oriented person. “Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail” is her motto so with that said she believes taking the extra time prior to figure out as much of the details and logistics as possible is a must. However she knows that not everything in life works perfectly as planned so when something off script arises she is quick on her feet & great at making last minute decisions in little to no time at all! Besides her efforts to make your event the best that it could be, she prides herself on truly caring about her clients. She wants to be there to help every step of the way, not only to streamline the planning process but also to answer all your questions and concerns, to relieve your stress and jitters & of course to give you a hug before you head off to the ceremony!

Heather was born and raised on Long island and recently moved up to the Catskills with her husband Jae as they have always been country people at heart. She likes to start most of her days with a large cup of coffee and 3 mile hike in the wooded area being her house with her best friend (Titan, her Doberman Pincher) She declares herself to be a night owl and tends to do her best work late in the evening. She loves Cars & Trucks which is something she has in common with her husband. On her free time she enjoys off roading in her Jeep Wrangler or racing her Corvette.


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