Stefanie Hixon, Wedding Planner

Stefanie has been coordinating events throughout the Hudson Valley for the last 8 years. From

backyard weddings to grand ballroom events. Starting at Hudson Valley Ceremonies as a server, and quickly

progressing to other roles, her dedication and desire to make every event the best was evident. Having

experience in so many positions has enhanced her understanding of the importance each role has in making

your wedding day run smoothly. Her favorite part of working for HVC is building relationships.

Stefanie uses her creative superpowers to bring wedding dreams to fruition through collaboration,

planning, and team execution. With almost two decades as a process technician for a large computer

company, Stefanie has superior attention to detail, allowing her to anticipate potential challenges.

before they arise.

Stefanie has experience with working with those with disabilities and allergies. She is sensitive to the

potential needs and the necessary support and resources for the bride, groom, and guests. Every family

member is an important part of the celebration. She truly embraces the passion of your special day.