A Few Of Our Favorite Photographers, Amazing Weddings, Wonderful Couples & Their Photos ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bolton-Reuter Photography

Bolton-Reuter Photography
Hyde Park * 845-233-4488

Janelle & Todd ~ October 20th 2007 ~ Benmarl Winery ~ Villa Barone

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A Few Of Our Favorite Photographers, Amazing Weddings, Wonderful Couples & Their Photos ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hillary Harvey Photography

Hillary Harvey Photography
Tel. 845.331.0195 * Kingston, NY

Rachel & Julius ~ June 6th 2009 ~ Cole Hill Farm

Jill & Hoke ~ September 4th 2010 ~ Private Estate, Stone Ridge

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Ten Things Your Wedding Photographer Should Ask You

by Denise Edkins
Your Day Photo

1. Do you want engagement portraits? Formal, studio portraits or candid “day-in-the-life” shots in your home or in a place you like?

2. Before the wedding do you want “Getting Ready” photographs? Does the groom? Where will you be?

3. Do you want to see each other before the ceremony? Where?

4. Where are you getting married and what is it about this place that is important to you? Where is the reception going to be held and what is important to you about this location?

5. What special events are happening in your ceremony or reception? Lighting a unity candle? Breaking a glass? Readings from a relative? Cutting the cake? Father/Daughter dance? Slide show?

6. When and where do you want to do the group photos? After the ceremony? Before the reception? During?

7. How do you want to group people for the portraits? Bride and Groom with each family? With just parents? With both families combined? What about your dog? What about bridesmaids and the best man? Who will wrangle them at the right time?

8. Do you want portraits to be formal? Do you want fun/funny posed shots? Do you like interesting camera angles and experimental processes or are you more traditional?

9. Do you want formal Bride and Groom portraits in the studio? Before the wedding day or after the honeymoon?

10. Do you like detail shots? (The cake, the invitation, the place settings, the bouquet, the band, the decorations?)

Denise Edkins of YourDayPhoto.com is a wedding photographer for Hudson Valley, Westchester and New York City. Contact her at denise@yourdayphoto.com or check out her wedding blog at http://yourdayphoto.blogspot.com

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