A Hudson Valley Ceremonies Wedding at Blueberry Inn on Kiernan Farm

Keegan and Tim

Wedding Location – Blueberry Inn on Kiernan Farm
Ceremony Officiant – Richard King (family friend)
Caterer – Hickory BBQ
Dessert – Cake it Up
Photographer – Tami Ling Photography
PhotoBooth – iFlickPhotoBooth
Videographer – Bakwoods Productions
DJ/Band/Musicians – DJ Jimmy Lutz
Florist – Petals Ink along with Jeannie Bishop (mother of the groom)
Coordinator/Planner – Jeanne Stark
Bridal Attire –
Bridal Gown by Sincerity
Bridesmaid Dresses by Bill Levkoff
Shoes by Toms
Men’s Attire –
Groom’s Suit by Mantoni
Groom’s Tie by Tommy Hilfiger
Groomsmen pants by Calvin Klein
Groomsmen ties from The Tie Bar
Shoes by Clarks
Rings –
SuzyB (bride), Boone (groom)
Jewelry –
Colorway Jewelry
Alex and Ani
Hair/Makeup – Signature Braids
Invitations – Anns Paperie
Favors – Mason Jars with DIY tags

Advice from the happy couple:

Have family and friends help wherever they can because then you can have some weight lifted off of your shoulders!
Take in each moment, because it flies by!
Right after you get married, have 5 minutes alone, just the 2 of you to take it in and enjoy the moment by yourselves!

View More: http://tamilingphotography.pass.us/rings-and-utensils View More: http://tamilingphotography.pass.us/rings-and-utensils View More: http://tamilingphotography.pass.us/rings-and-utensils DSC_0334 Bishop-445 Bishop-398-2 Bishop-398 Bishop-338 Bishop-208 Bishop-182 Bishop-139 10629562_10154538428775077_8785868188896823640_n 10625033_10154538430720077_2822242501289124799_n 10624901_10154538425970077_7482351868628681945_n 10623016_10154538427740077_1061283491135084459_n 10616237_10154538427000077_721271096531351755_n 10615635_10154538427845077_625459065593720910_n 10615576_10154538426685077_6381747184940784190_n 10603336_10154538427360077_3084976759083381442_n 10599248_10154538430330077_4193758612229699097_n 10593067_10154538426355077_6695847805921427442_n 10592755_10154538431245077_6297981422765680979_n 10590536_10154538431980077_7653809817674692595_n 10568784_10154538426880077_8969463886911860159_n 10563159_10154538431560077_6142769563168163735_n 10562965_10154538429230077_328626233381336198_n 10557331_10154538431020077_5319409297967046815_n 10556308_10154538428395077_3276141339003225134_n 10547570_10154538430870077_2686673652812919714_n 10509619_10154538429490077_4190231565192108887_n 10502367_10154538430395077_1350567915075191837_n 10439471_10154538429370077_8374218268247049842_n 10402968_10154538429670077_3832821214593849622_n 10385379_10154538428005077_7904422682476379808_n 10384119_10154538431170077_3782271284049792632_n 10377444_10154538429925077_517968669250725395_n 10171022_10154538426175077_2643318770904907887_n 1920321_10154538431635077_7584760194523126761_n 1620748_10154538426440077_8500458513885480224_n 1620502_10154538431480077_7533248562213556537_n 1620441_10154538428935077_4244271335936925124_n 934785_10154538426055077_3287102033983412474_n Bishop-838

A Hudson Valley Ceremonies Wedding at Twin Lakes

It was so wonderful to work with Laurie and Tom from Platinum Party Events at Twin Lakes in Hurley NY this past October for Amanda & James’ wedding.

A special Thanks to Laurie for the wonderful write up on their blog! Head on over and see what she had to say.

Here are a few pictures we captured of the amazing fall theme and decor Amanda & James had.





Hurley NY wedding

Twin Lakes Wedding

Country Wedding

Fall Wedding


Venue: Twin Lakes
Coordinator: Hudson Valley Ceremonies (Sage)
DJ: Platinum Party Events
Officiant: Hudson Valley Ceremonies (Mike)
Photographer: Family Friend

A Hudson Valley Ceremonies Wedding at Hunter Mountain

Congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs Nelson who were married at Hunter Mountain on March 8th!

Advice from the couple:

“Splurge on photography / videography and try to take in every moment of the day because it goes by so quickly.”
Hunter Mountain Wedding
Hunter Mountain Wedding
Casino Wedding
Casino Wedding
Custom Cake Topper
Custom Cake Topper
Hunter Mountain Wedding
Hunter Mountain Wedding
Hunter Mountain Wedding
Hunter Mountain Wedding
Hunter Mountain Wedding
Hunter Mountain Wedding
Wedding Location: Hunter Mountain
Ceremony Officiant: Hudson Valley Ceremonies (Jeanne Stark)
Photographer: Photographics Solution
Videographer: Photographics Solution
DJ/Band: Piano Man’s DJ Productions (Nate Miller)
Ceremony Musicians: Golden Scroll Soloists
Florist: Anthology Studio
Bridal Attire: Angela’s Bridal
Men’s Attire: Men’s Warehouse
Rings/Jewelry: Harold Finkle, Your Jeweler
Hair/Makeup: Krystal Rose Studio
Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas
Favors: DIY
Casino Tables: Big Eastern Casino Company

Wedding Vendor Referrals

I doesn’t matter if you have your Officiant or Coordinator booked with Hudson Valley Ceremonies we would love to provide you with referrals for any vendors you might still need for your big day. Here is just a sampling of vendor assistance we can provide:

Bands & Musicians
Butterfly Release
Cigar Lounge
Dance Lessons
Flower Preservation
Hair & Make-Up
Wine & Liquor

How To Have a Fun Wedding Reception…That Isn’t Cheesy

by Stephanie Padovani
The DJ Solution

One of the biggest challenges facing our brides when it comes to planning the wedding entertainment is: “How do I have a fun wedding reception…that ISN’T cheesy?” When Jeff and I got married, I just wanted all my guests to have fun. I wanted a great party with my closest family and friends that really felt like me. But I was deathly afraid of being “cheesy.” In fact, I was so afraid that I decided to do the music myself! That idea didn’t work out so well, but it did inspire us to become wedding DJs. So how can it be done? I’ve learned a few things about “cheese” in my eight plus years as a wedding DJ. Just follow these guidelines for fun wedding entertainment that keeps your guests dancing all night—without the cheese.

Steph’s Rules of Cheese

Rule #1 – Cheese (the non-dairy kind) is relative.

What is “cheesy” to you might be fun for the next bride. I meet with brides all the time who say they don’t want anything cheesy at their wedding, then five minutes later tell me they must play the Chicken Dance for their grandmother. It’s important to define what “cheesy” means to you. Talk to your entertainer about it. Don’t assume that he or she knows what you mean by “cheesy.” Be specific about the songs, artists, dances and attire that meet your cheesy criteria. Once you and your entertainer know what you mean by “cheesy,” it’s easy to avoid dipping into Velveeta at your wedding reception.

Rule #2 – Even something fun can become cheesy when it is forced.

Let me give you a real life example. At a recent wedding, one of our couples asked us to play “Mr. Roboto” by Styx as they were introduced. The groom danced his way in doing the robot. It was hysterical, guests holding their sides with laughter. Now, if Jeff and I decided to play “Mr. Roboto” out of the blue at your wedding and tried to lead everyone in the robot, would that be FUN? Most likely your guests would head for the hills…or stay and laugh at the clueless DJ couple stuck in an 80’s time warp. If your guests are forced to do something, it can quickly become cheesy. However, if it’s natural for them and your group, even the silly is just plain fun. Talk to you entertainer about how they go about leading activities and events. Entertainment styles range from highly interactive to low key. Make sure you find a match that fits in with your cheese-free event.

Rule #3 – Cheese is always worse in your imagination.

Just like any other worry about your wedding, your imagination can run away with you. You start imagining your big, cheesy smile as you feed your husband a bite of cake. Or that your uncle is going strip down to his skivvies like he did at your cousin’s wedding. It’s always worse in your imagination. When weddings unfold in a natural, fun way and your guests feel comfortable, everything is fun. Even when it’s a little goofy, too. If you’re concerned about how your entertainer will avoid the cheese, ask about it. What will he do to “get the crowd going?” What if that doesn’t work? What will he do if your guests request a song on your Cheesy Do Not Play
List? You CAN have a fun wedding reception where your guests dance all night and you don’t have to die from embarrassment. Yes, the classic cheesy songs work to get people out of their seats, but there are lots of other great songs that work, too. The key to non-cheesy, fun wedding entertainment is to find an entertainer who understands what you want—and don’t want—at your wedding reception, and whose style fits yours. That makes a fun, dance-filled wedding inevitable.