Valentine’s Day Wedding Theme

A Valentine’s Day theme wedding is sure to be a romantic event with careful planning and operation. Here are some ideas and tips for your big day.

* Invitations: There are plenty of romantic wedding invitation designs out there, choose one with doves, roses, hearts or other Valentine’s Day typical signs to set the mood for your wedding ceremony. Pick your favorite envelopes with red liners and don’t forget the double heart stamps.

* Color Scheme: Pink, purple, red and white are traditional Valentine’s Day colors. However, just choose your favorite shades and hues to decorate your wedding party.

* Wedding Dress: A romantic bridal gown is a must for a Valentine theme wedding. Fluffy skirts, off the shoulder collars, puffy sleeves, sweetheart neckline and appliqués are ideal incorporation for Valentine’s outfit. You may even add a little red or pink touch to your dress, or choose a pink wedding dress for a sweet princess look. Hot lace or light-colored pearl embellishments are also amazing.

* Attire: The groom and his best men should wear formal tuxedos to match the romantic atmosphere. They may even try red or pink shirts to match the color scheme. The bridal party gowns should be as romantic as the wedding theme, but not overpower the wedding dress.

* Flowers: Undoubtedly, roses are the favorite flowers for a Valentine wedding, and pink, purple, red or white blooms match the theme. Pink lilies or tulips are also great choices which add a unique touch.

* Decorations: Besides flowers, there are still other decorations such as candles, lace and ribbons. Scatter heart-shaped confetti on guest tables and hang heart-shaped balloons over the entrance arc for a whimsical touch.

* Menu: A romantic menu could include any foods you like, such as your first date dinner. Choose chocolate covered strawberries as your appetizers. Rich hot cocoa is warm and popular in the winter holiday. Pink champagne is a superb choice for a romantic wedding.

* Wedding Cake: White chocolate and red roses covered heart-shaped wedding cake would be a perfect match for your Valentine’s wedding.

* Wedding Favors: Heart shaped favors may offer your guests a touch of romance. Colorful candies, strawberry jams, sparkling spoons, double heart photo frames are perfect for Valentine favors.

* Wedding Music: Choose love songs for weddings to play during reception.

Your Valentine’s Day Wedding

Planning a Valentine’s Day wedding? Here are some tips to ensure it is perfect and not cheesy. Valentine’s Day has been around since 496 A.D. and over the years its been a day of romance and dedication of love to someone. So why not use this special day and make the ultimate statement of love.

Show Your Love
If you are looking for ideas, then why not start at the beginning. Look to your own love story for ideas. Think about where you met or some of the adventures you have been on together to inspire your wedding.

Show Your Colors
Everyone knows that the traditional Valentine’s Day colors are pink and red. Don’t get stuck in the same old routine – mix it up a little. Black and white with splashes of red and pink color will look far better than plain pink and red.

A deep red bouquet will look stunning with your white wedding gown. You can carry the theme through with an all-white wedding cake – or even add in splashes of pink and red.

Let There Be Romance
Candles, lots of them. Nothing screams romance like hundreds of candles giving your reception hall that soft flickering glow.

Say It with Flowers
When you think Valentines Day most people think of red roses. There are however some alternatives that are still romantic and will break the bank. Amaryllis is one showy winter flower that’s dramatic and gorgeous, but it will provide the contrast you are after. Then look at some red calla lilies and cockscomb.

Romantic Music
Your first dance will inevitably be a romantic song – perhaps something that is special to you and your partner. Keep this theme going with romantic songs all evening and while you are eating your dinner.

To Finish Off
Everyone knows that Valentines and chocolate go hand in hand, so why not send your guests off with some excellent quality chocolate wedding favors?