Wedding Trends

~ Consider having a theme wedding! Theme weddings are rising in popularity and offer a great, inexpensive way to personalize your wedding. By starting with a theme, you will be surprised at how easy it is to personalize your wedding with your own special touches.

~ You don’t necessarily need to have a period theme, such as a Victorian or Renaissance wedding. Instead, you could make your wedding memorable by personalizing it with your own special theme. There are many themes to choose from, including: “cupids”, “Paris in springtime”, “romantic candlelight” etc.

~ Some brides are useing wedding newsletters to keep their family and friends up to date with their wedding plans and schedules. Newsletters can save you from making endless phone calls, and can be revised three or four times leading up to your wedding date. The newsletter can include such information as: when people are needed for fittings, profiles on yourself and the groom (for guests you may not have met) and other personal information.

~ The new trend in bridal gowns leans toward a more elegant and stylish approach. Many brides are now choosing gowns with simple, but stunning, lines. It seems the trend in bridesmaids dresses and accent colors is moving away from pastel colors. Deep shades, such as burgundy, forest green and navy blue are becoming more popular choices, with cummerbunds and bow ties being made to match.

~ Brides are buying more thoughtful gifts for their attendants. It is being recognized that the best gifts are not the most expensive ones, but the ones that are chosen with your sincere thanks. Some popular ideas include: antique looking, silver frames with a picture of both you and your bridesmaid/attendant, or gift baskets filled with beauty products. The gift needs to say “Thank you for being here and helping to make my day so special”.

~ Because wedding costs can be quite expensive, there is a rising trend in the sharing of the total expense, not only by both sets of parents, but by the couple themselves. This is especially the case with professional couples who have been living on their own for a number of years, who may even want to pay for the entire wedding.

~ Some couples are choosing to be married at their honeymoon destination, and are inviting only close family and friends. There are many destination wedding packages available, so ask for details.

~ Many couples are personalizing their wedding ceremony by writing their own vows.

~ A wonderful, moving new trend is to face the congregation during the ceremony (as opposed to the traditional stance of having your back to them).

~ More couples are choosing to incorporate their ethnic background into their wedding ceremony and theme, as well as their reception.

~ Many brides are now moving away from formal, posed shots for their wedding photography. Instead, candid photography and a photojournalistic approach to the day are rising in popularity.

~ For the reception, buffets are becoming the most popular menu choice as they accommodate every guest’s taste.

~ Multi-flavored and layered wedding cakes are becoming firm favorites. Some brides like to choose a different flavor for each layer of their cake. For example, a layer of chocolate cake, a layer of marble cake and a layer of vanilla cake. Also, more creative decorative ideas are being used, especially fresh flowers.

~ Cake tops are being ordered to match specific wedding themes and color schemes. Brides are also copying the cake tops used by their parents and grandparents at their weddings. If you like, you could follow the trend of placing wedding photos of your parents and grandparents on your cake table, which gives a sentimental and romantic touch.

~ Less traditional gifts for the guests are being given. New ideas include: personalized chocolates, seedlings, monogrammed wine glasses and small perfume bottles tied with ribbon.

~ Another new reception trend is the replacement of the receiving line. A new, more relaxed way to perform this duty is for the bride, groom and the wedding party to make their way around the room, speaking to guests who are seated at their tables.

~ If you have decided to invite children to your reception, this new trend is for you! By providing a designated play room and a babysitter for children, you will get the best of both worlds. By providing this service, the children are still present, but can be kept entertained and cared for by the babysitter in the play room, leaving their parents to relax and enjoy the festivities.

~ With the wide variety of materials now available, many brides are finding it hard to match their reception decorations, flowers and napkins to the exact shade of their bridesmaid’s dresses. Because of this, a new trend in shading has arisen. By using varying shades of the color you have chosen, you will be able to add depth and interest to your color scheme. For example, if your bridesmaid’s dresses are burgundy in color, you could use a deep red and a light red to achieve a contrasting look.

~ One thoughtful new trend is to donate leftover reception food to charities who provide food kitchens for the needy.

~ More couples are choosing to hyphenate their surnames and some brides are choosing to keep their maiden names, for business or personal reasons. However, it’s not only career women who are deciding to keep their maiden name. If you come from a well-known family, or are an only child, you may feel strongly about keeping your maiden name also.

How to Make a Candy Buffet

To begin…

-Start with a simple tablecloth that won’t detract from your buffet. Avoid super busy prints on your tablecloths.

– Do use a tablecloth unless you have a special table that corresponds with your theme!! A big mistake people make is forgetting this small but necessary step. Your eyes will be drawn to the table more if it is covered. Plus, it creates a clean canvas to design your masterpiece.

– Next, you will want to add various levels and heights to your table to avoid the look of a church potluck with dishes all in a row. To do this add different sized shoe boxes or wire racks under your tablecloth. Don’t over do it though. You can also place pretty boxes etc over the tablecloth to add height for a different effect.

– Next you will want to gather a variety of containers to hold your candy. Your choices here are crucial to success of visual appeal! In general, clear containers work best. With some decor themes, other containers like buckets or baskets fit the theme more appropriately. Choose different sizes and shapes for a fun, easy look. Or for more symmetry and evenness, stick to the same shapes.

– Pull out your creativity when arranging the containers on your table. Use your eye and your style, just be sure your table stays balanced.

– The candy selection is a super fun part. When selecting candy, choose candy with visual appeal. Avoid commercially wrapped candy. Keep your theme in mind while making your selection. Are you working on a vibrant, colorful table or are you working toward an elegant effect with only one or two colors? Both choices offer amazing tables! But it’s important to keep that in mind when candy shopping. Also, M&Ms can be purchased in almost any color in the rainbow!

– Custom labels over candy bars offer a detail on your table that will look stunning!

– Another detail that makes a statement is lollipop presentation. Buy a block of Styrofoam and wrap it with candy dots to hide the foam. Then stick the lollipops in it.

– Filler candy is fun to work with too! The lollipops will stand just right in the foam, however, the foam is still visible. Pour candy around the base to cover all the foam.

– When filling your containers, I have a big, huge money-saving tip! Once you empty a family size bag of M&Ms into a jar, you’ll realize the candy doesn’t go very far. Instead of buying more candy to fill the jar, turn empty cups upside down on the bottom of the jar then pour the candy in. It will absorb some of the space and save you a lot of cash.

– The buffet should be almost complete! The exciting part is accessorizing your table! You can add labels to the jars to embellish it and draw out your theme. You can also add ribbon to some of the jars to carry unity throughout the table. You don’t want your table to look mis-matched.

– Adding candy scoops to your table is a charming touch! Don’t forget to find goodie bags for your guests to take their treats home in. Custom stickers can be added to the bags.

– Almost done! To complete your candy buffet, add a background banner and balloons/flowers depending on your theme. You can also put the banner on or over the table instead of behind. You can also add two balloon or flower bouquets on either side of the table.

Finally, the most important tips are…

– Pay attention to the details! The details will certainly make a difference.

– Keep your theme in mind the entire time. Add or embellish your theme with everything, don’t subtract or stray from your theme.

– Be creative! You don’t need to follow directions when creating! Be unique and artistic.

Wedding Dessert Buffet

Every wedding deserves a sweet ending. Instead of ending your reception with a boring old cup of coffee, why not have a dessert buffet? It is a very hot trend, and with good reason – guests love it!

Many weddings now feature a dessert buffet. The couple can have a  classic wedding cake, with the special moment when the bride and groom cut the cake. Then a little while later, the doors are opened to an adjacent room, and a magical dessert fairyland appears before your very eyes. It is an incredible surprise and it definitely wows the guests.

So, what should you include in your dessert buffet? Well, the options are almost endless; it depends primarily on your budget and space. If you have a relatively small area for the buffet, put out a collection of beautiful little treats. Options could include petit fours, iced sugar cookies (with your monogram, of course), and clear glass cylinders filled with candies. The personalized M&Ms are really cute, and you could also have other favorites like red licorice twists and gummy bears. You can also use the display as your wedding favor by putting out pretty little bags for guests to fill with treats and take home. Make the bags special by adding a sticker that says something like, “Thank you for coming to our wedding. Enjoy a sweet treat for later. Love,”.

Some couples decide to do the dessert bar in a very big way. A great way to do it is to have stations like people do for the meal. Have one with a variety of cookies, one with the candies, and so on. Other tasty treats you can include are brownies, cupcakes, truffles, and seasonal pies. Chocolate dipped strawberries are always an excellent idea. When deciding on your desserts, think about what sweets go well with coffee or champagne, which is what your guests will likely be drinking.

Speaking of drinks, it is a great idea to set up a mini bar station next to the dessert buffet. Serve up fresh cappuccino and espresso, along with regular coffee and decaf. Offer guests liqueurs, such as Bailey’s Irish crème or Kaluha to spice up their drinks. Next to the coffee station, you can set out trays of champagne, because it does go so well with those chocolate covered strawberries – yum!

To make your dessert buffet truly impressive, add specialty stations like a funnel cake machine, an ice cream sundae bar, fresh candy apples, and everyone’s favorite, the chocolate fountain. For those who do not crave sweets, hire a popcorn cart. Your guests will be in heaven!

You will want to coordinate the dessert buffet with the rest of your wedding, especially if it is in a separate room. For instance, if your going to wear crystal bridal jewelry, have white and silver centerpieces dripping with Swarovski crystal briolettes on the dinner tables and in the dessert room. It is a fabulous effect, and tying the décor to your crystal bridal jewelry makes the whole wedding look very pulled together. If you do not have the budget to decorate another space, you could consider having servers bring around carts with desserts instead of setting up another display.

Everyone wants their wedding to be memorable and unique. One way to ensure that is to end it on a high note. Surprising your guests with a decadent dessert buffet is an excellent way to end a festive celebration and thank them for coming. It will make your wedding one that they never forget.

Your Summer Wedding

In planning your summer wedding, whether or not you choose a beach theme, the world really is your oyster! With the beautiful colors of summer and the availability of a wide variety of flowers, you can have your pick of just about anything your heart desires. Summer themes can incorporate the garden, the seashore, the tropics – or even a harvest theme can be built around the ease of acquiring fresh fruits and vegetables.

Since so many bridal gowns and bridesmaids’ dresses come in strapless and sleeveless styles, you are certain to find a gown to suit your theme. Consider a simple slip dress for a beach wedding, with short, beach color dresses for your bridesmaids. Corals, sea foam green, even sand color dresses in a more casual style will be the perfect compliment to a beach theme. Add straw hats and replace floral bouquets with floral decorated parasols for your bridesmaids for a garden theme. Would you like to celebrate your special day with a big Fourth of July party? Find a dress that sparkles and lights up the night time sky like the fireworks, and consider rich, sparkly jewel tone gowns for your attendants so they will shine on the dance floor all evening long.

Don’t forget the men in dressing for a summer wedding. Consider lightweight suit options in lighter colors, or perhaps mix linen pants with Hawaiian shirts, adding a pair of flip flops or Birkenstocks for that casual summer feel. For a more traditional summer look, white pants, white shirt, with a bold tie and a navy blue blazer dresses up your groomsmen without the formality of a tuxedo. If you are looking for formal attire, you can add splashes of summer with floral print accessories like vests and ties, or choose elegant satin accessories from a light, summery palate of colors.

Your choice of flowers for a summer wedding is limited only by your imagination. Beautiful roses, gerbera daisies, dendrobium orchids, even sunflowers and brightly colored mums will make gorgeous bouquets. You could use all of your favorite summer colors and flowers in bright, multicolored bouquets, rich with lovely summer flowers. Or perhaps you would like to focus on one flower that you favor, or a color that you are especially fond of. A bouquet of all peach or all purple calla lilies is both elegant and summery. If all white is the look for you, you can make it more formal with a bouquet of tightly packed stephanotis or white roses, or keep with a more casual garden party type of theme with white daisies, mums and carnations.

The reception setting and the food you serve will really set the theme of your wedding for your guests. Enjoy an elegant outdoor setting, surrounded by lush landscaping and twinkle lights. Serve a more decadent meal, with filet mignon or lobster, but enjoy a light, summer salad to start with or a delicious watermelon sorbet for dessert. Celebrate family style with a barbecue at a favorite park or in your backyard. Set up tables and pass bowls of your mom’s potato salad or the secret family recipe fried chicken. You can have a garden brunch with beautiful bright white linen table covers, chairs, and china, and make it pop with bursts of yellow and green everywhere. You could set up an omelet station for your guests, and set each table with sweetly decorated petit fours and other bite sized pastries. For the couple seeking casual fun, plan a clambake on the beach with an evening bonfire and ‘smores desserts for everyone!

Don’t forget to carry your theme out with a memorable favor! When choosing favors for your wedding, remember that you are not limited to a gift that will last a lifetime. You can thank your guests with something special and memorable, even if it isn’t something that will last forever. Take advantage of the bountiful summer fruits with an unblemished peach or pear, celebrating a “Peach of a Couple” or “The Perfect Pair”. For 4th of July brides, sparklers for all of your guests are the perfect favor and a great alternative to rice or birdseed as your guests bid you a fond farewell. Consider gourmet teas or a small selection of delicious cookies to celebrate a garden party. Longer lasting options for favors might include beautifully decorated fans for all of the ladies, or a blooming plant to remind your guests of your blossoming love.

The sky is the limit for your summer wedding. Incorporate the things you loved from the summers when you were children. Maybe you’ve taken a great summer vacation together as a couple, and you want to recreate that as part of your special day. Just use your imagination to make your day part of a summer to remember for all who attend.

Your Valentine’s Day Wedding

Planning a Valentine’s Day wedding? Here are some tips to ensure it is perfect and not cheesy. Valentine’s Day has been around since 496 A.D. and over the years its been a day of romance and dedication of love to someone. So why not use this special day and make the ultimate statement of love.

Show Your Love
If you are looking for ideas, then why not start at the beginning. Look to your own love story for ideas. Think about where you met or some of the adventures you have been on together to inspire your wedding.

Show Your Colors
Everyone knows that the traditional Valentine’s Day colors are pink and red. Don’t get stuck in the same old routine – mix it up a little. Black and white with splashes of red and pink color will look far better than plain pink and red.

A deep red bouquet will look stunning with your white wedding gown. You can carry the theme through with an all-white wedding cake – or even add in splashes of pink and red.

Let There Be Romance
Candles, lots of them. Nothing screams romance like hundreds of candles giving your reception hall that soft flickering glow.

Say It with Flowers
When you think Valentines Day most people think of red roses. There are however some alternatives that are still romantic and will break the bank. Amaryllis is one showy winter flower that’s dramatic and gorgeous, but it will provide the contrast you are after. Then look at some red calla lilies and cockscomb.

Romantic Music
Your first dance will inevitably be a romantic song – perhaps something that is special to you and your partner. Keep this theme going with romantic songs all evening and while you are eating your dinner.

To Finish Off
Everyone knows that Valentines and chocolate go hand in hand, so why not send your guests off with some excellent quality chocolate wedding favors?

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The Cookie Buffet

The newest sweet treat buffet to emerge into wedding receptions is the cookie buffet. Near the same idea as the candy buffet, the cookie buffet offers guests the option to pursue some different sweet treats to take home with them.

This idea is also very budget friendly. You can make the cookies yourself instead of choosing to purchase them. Many cookies are fairly inexpensive to make. You can also make many different cookies using the same base ingredients and just changing a few of the “extras” in them. Be sure to realistically think about how many you will need to make or buy. For typical sized cookies 2-3 per guest is a good choice. You may decide to increase or decrease depending on the cookie size you wish to have and your budget. For 150 guests 3 cookies a piece is 450 cookies. That’s roughly 38 dozen!

Just like you would label each jar of candy at a candy buffet, you’ll want to label each vessel of cookies. Be careful in letting your guests know the contents of the cookies. Nut allergies are serious and you should warn your guests if there are cookies being served that contain nuts. Your best option is probably just to forgo any cookies that contain them all together. It’s also a nice gesture if you can, to supply cookies that are lactose or gluten-free.

Also be sure to make a small sign letting your guests know what this is and what they are expected to do. Never forget to take the time and make your instructions cute. After all this is your wedding. Try something like: “Please help yourself to a few cookies to take home and eat. We appreciate your being here and making our day extra sweet!”

What you choose to display your cookies in should continue to reflect the tone of your wedding. Be sure to have tongs on hand so that the guests are not tempted to place their hands inside the containers.

Several cookie holder ideas are:

  • Vintage cookie jars
  • Clear glass canisters
  • Baskets
  • Different size galvanized pails (check for food safety!)
  • Old tea tins
  • Pretty tea trays

Have on display containers for the guests to take the cookies home in. Whether they be paper bags, take out boxes, or cake boxes the possibilities are endless.

Lastly, if you really want to send your guests over the moon you could send them off with mini glass bottles of milk. Again if you choose to go this route, give your guests options. Skim, Whole and Lactose-Free should be enough choices.

Wedding Colors

To many grooms, selecting a wedding day color may seem quite trivial in the realm of planning the entire wedding event. However, for most brides, choosing a wedding color and/or colors is the glue that connects the dots. It helps define the mood and theme, as well as extends into every aspect of the wedding: the invitations, table décor, centerpieces, cake, flowers, and in some cases the bride’s dress itself.

The trend today is to go big and bold with color everywhere—to make a statement with every little detail to signify your event. Color is now showing up in signature drinks, the hor d’oeuvres, lighting, candles, etc.

So, how do you go about choosing the perfect colors or color scheme for your wedding? Of course, there are many factors to consider in this all-important decision.

First off, consider your favorite color or colors. That just might work for you. If you like pink, incorporate soft hues and shades of pink. If you like more dramatic colors such as burgundy or magenta, infuse those into your creativity. Pick your most-desired colors and done.

To help you choose colors that may not be your preferred choice, look for inspiration in bridal magazines, fabric stores, or even by looking at a Pantone book that showcases tones and variations of colors. You may love green, but by using these resources, you can narrow in on which green. Is it kelly green, forest green, or sage green? You might even select a range of colors that evoke a particular theme. Combine various tones you find in shells like subtle yellows and delicate pinks, with shades of sand and light ocean blues to represent “Summer at the Cape.”

Also, take into consideration the wedding location and ceremony, the time of year, and which colors are in style now. For example, accents of brown and even black are extremely popular with today’s contemporary brides.

Let’s break this down further.

First off, your wedding location may dictate a color scheme for you based on its interior décor. For example, if your reception site is a country club that has navy and gold carpeting and draperies, lavenders, pinks and yellows will definitely clash.

Regarding time of year… if your event is a winter wedding, you may opt for richer colors of deep reds or sapphire blues. For a summer beach-themed wedding, soft tones of peach and oranges might complement the scenery just right. These are all things to consider when accentuating your occasion with color.

Also take into account the feeling you want to evoke on your wedding day. Do you want it to be upbeat and fun? Then choose bold, bright colors. Do you want it to be sophisticated and romantic? Maybe go with a combination of red, black and ivory. Do you want it to be peaceful and Zen-like? Choose soft sages and tans. For a multiple room event, it is also perfectly acceptable to pick one color scheme for your cocktail hour and one for the reception. The possibilities are endless.

Ideas on the easiest wedding uses of color:


One of the most notable trends right now is to select a unique color for your wedding gown itself. More and more couture designers are showcasing dresses made in blush, silver, grays, and shades of champagnes in their collections. They are also adding colorful accents to their dresses, i.e. colored sashes, black and brown trims, combination beading (blues and silvers together), and stand alone appliqués like chiffon flowers in pinks and taupes. In addition, your color palette should extend into your groomsmen’s attire and bridesmaids’ dresses as well. A current trend is for each bridesmaid to have a variation on the style and/or color of the attendant dress. It is perfectly acceptable to forgo being completely “matchy-matchy.”


As the first thing people see, invitations set the stage and initial mood for your event. It’s simple to add “your colors” to the font, personal monogram, or ribbons when announcing the wedding.


When it comes to flowers, there is most likely a particular flower available in your exact colors. Keep in mind however that they may or may not be affordable and in-season at the time. If that is the case, simply select white flowers as your base and small accent flowers in your particular colors to add consistency to your wedding details and décor.


Applying color to your cake is one of the easiest ways to use color. White fondant icing is essentially a blank canvas for colorful detailing with flowers, stripes, or polka dots in your favorite colors. Most fondants can also be made in any color or shade of color today. Another idea, showcase a different color on every layer of your cake for maximum impact.


Simply showcase color in your favor packaging. Use gift tags, paper, fabric, and ribbons to add little touch of your color for your guest gifts.


Colorful cocktails are very popular today. Some ideas include bright yellow Mimosas for an early brunch wedding; pinkish red Cosmos for a destination wedding; or Blue Martinis for a Winter Wonderland evening affair. Yum.

Remember there are many other ways to incorporate color into the small details of your wedding. Think about the napkins, centerpiece containers, colored wine glasses, bridal accessories, guest book, drinks, appetizers, food staging, etc. Be creative, the list goes on and on.

DIY (Do It Yourself)

It’s a fact that nearly every bride these day is looking for ways to stretch her wedding dollars. No matter what kind of wedding budget you have, brides everywhere are learning some of the great benefits of a DIY wedding, and just how easy it can be to have your dream wedding on any kind of budget. DIY, or do it yourself, is one of those terms that has really gotten popular over the past few years and sprang up when people found out how much money they could save by doing some of the work themselves. A DIY wedding is no exception. There are literally dozens of different places in your wedding where some of the most popular DIY wedding tips can really help you out. One of my favorite things about having a DIY wedding isn’t that you can save thousands on your wedding, or even that you can really get your hands dirty into your own wedding planning so that it becomes real to you. No, my favorite thing about having a DIY wedding is that no matter what your wedding budget is, you can have a wedding that is just as beautiful and glamorous as someone who has a much larger budget than you do.

There are lots of great places in your wedding planning where you can insert a personal touch. One of the most popular DIY wedding task that brides are encouraged to do is to make their own wedding invitations, place cards and wedding programs on their home computer and printers. With the technology and software available today, it can only take a few minutes to create some professional looking documents. This kind of DIY wedding planning can save you virtually hundreds off the price of buying them from a professional. Another popular place to save money in weddings can be from making your own wedding favors. Many brides are going with baked treats, homemade candy or other little talent in the kitchen that they have instead of paying several dollars per guest for wedding favors, which can really add up as well. Of course, there are many other places where you can do it yourself, and this is where the big money comes in.

There are some DIY wedding ideas that can save you more money than others, and here are some of the most popular that can literally save you thousands off of your wedding. The first one is making, or asking someone to make your wedding dress for you. I know the task seems huge, but with a little time and a good dress pattern, it’s totally doable. White satin can be had for as little as $8 a yard, and lace trimmings for wedding dresses about the same. Also, another DIY wedding tip that can save you big time is doing your own flower arrangements. Find a wholesaler in your area where you can buy flowers for the same cost as your local florist shops, place a few in a vase for centerpieces, tie some off with a ribbon for bouquets, and you can even make your own corsages and boutonnieres with a pin and florist tape.

There are lots of great ideas for DIY wedding enthusiasts who are looking to save money on their wedding and still have a fabulous wedding that looks like you spent much more on it than you did.