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Wedding Centerpieces

The wedding centerpiece is the focal point of the table at your wedding. When you think about wedding centerpiece ideas you have so many choices. Many brides have different tastes in colors and materials which make choosing a perfect wedding centerpiece very difficult. If you have done some shopping around online or spoken with a florist you may have also been informed that a centerpiece for your wedding can get pretty expensive. If this is the focal point of the table at your wedding it’s surely something you don’t want to look cheap!

Some of the things you may want to consider when thinking of ideas for your very own unique centerpiece are colors you like, colors that will be included in your wedding, time of year, your favorite flowers and the materials you think you’d like to incorporate.

Colors: Because you’re unique centerpiece will be in the center of the table and you’d like people to notice it going with a bright color that stands out is typical. Unless dark colors are the theme of your wedding most brides would tend to stay away from blacks, browns and greys. Many brides also like to incorporate colors of the bridesmaid dresses into the centerpieces.

Time of Year: Some brides may want to incorporate the time of the year or the season into their unique centerpiece idea. In the fall things that resemble autumn could be included. For the winter snowflakes and ice would make for an interesting centerpiece.

Flowers: There are so many flowers to choose from but many brides already have a favorite to use on their wedding day. Maybe a unique flower would make for a perfect centerpiece like a lotus or plumeria. Using traditional flowers like roses and lilies will also make for a beautiful centerpiece. Wedding planners may also consider using fragrant flowers which will surely be appreciated by the guests. Don’t get yourself crazy about flowers because there are so many beautiful ones to choose from. It’s good to pick something you like and just go with it!

Materials: The base of you centerpiece is another choice that may vary from the different taste of every couple. Things like fish bowls or velvet boxes are unique or a pretty vase may be used. Another thing that is popular is using feathers for the centerpiece. Feathers, like flowers are beautiful and the choices vary greatly. Using feathers is another great way to being something natural to the table. Candles are also very popular and would be used by themselves to serve as a great focal point.

DIY Wedding Centerpieces

Many brides that want to save money may like to consider designing their very own DIY Wedding Centerpieces. This is also a very good way to cut some of the costs down when you’re paying so much for this special occasion. DIY Wedding Centerpieces are great because they will give the person that made them (Bride or Family Member) that satisfaction of knowing they contributed something beautiful to this joyous day.

DIY Wedding Centerpieces might be a lot of work but it will be fun to make. The best thing someone could do when designing a unique DIY Wedding Centerpieces is to use their imagination and let their creative side take off.

Flower Centerpieces

Some of the most prominent fixtures at wedding receptions are the centerpieces. More often than not, these are flower centerpieces. But don’t think that just because they contain flowers that they have to be super traditional. You can have flower centerpieces at your wedding without sacrificing your personal sense of style.

Opt for Minimalism. There’s no reason you have to fill every inch of available space on your reception tables with flowers. Much of the time, less is more. A solid color of flowers in a small vase is all you really need to add a decorative touch to the tables without adding too much clutter.

This is particularly effective if you’re having a very traditional white wedding. A bunch of white roses at the center of the table makes for elegant flower centerpieces that maintain the utmost in style and class.

Utilize Non-Traditional Arrangements when picking flower centerpieces, there’s no rule saying you have to pick traditional flowers or stick to a traditional style. Including bare branches or tall towers of flowers. A waterfall style is particularly pretty, especially when prepared with tulips.

You could even use several small centerpieces in lieu of one large one. Varying sized flower centerpieces gives a sense of fun to the design without compromising the overall look.

Another possibility is to pair flower centerpieces with candles, lanterns, and other decorative items. You don’t want the tables to look too busy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with the theme and design as well. If you’re picking the décor yourself, be sure to set up a mock table display with everything you plan on including before setting it in stone for your big day. Picturing the arrangement and actually seeing it are two entirely different things.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better. Just because you once saw a flower centerpiece that practically scratched the ceiling doesn’t mean yours have to be that tall and imposing. Not only are super tall arrangements terribly expensive, it can also be quite cumbersome arranging for the transport of full grown trees to set on the guest tables! That’s an exaggeration, of course, but some centerpieces are truly overwhelming.

Think of what you want your guests’ experience to be like. Do you want them to have to look around giant flower centerpieces to see one another or do you want their conversations to be unobstructed? The answer to this question should always be the latter of these two options.

Remember, your flower centerpiece options are limited only by your imagination. Don’t be afraid to take risks, but always keep your guests’ comfort in the back of your mind. You can have a stunning table display that stands out from the pack while staying within your budget. Look around at other flower centerpieces to brainstorm ideas. If you put in this initial effort, the end result is sure to impress your guests and create the kind of backdrop you want for your big day. Plus, they’ll look fantastic in the pictures.

Tips for Finding The Right Flowers for Your Wedding

Ask any bride, and she will tell you that her flowers are one of the most important parts of the wedding. She has spent hours, days, or even years picking out exactly what kinds and colors of flowers should be in her bouquet, at the ceremony, and on the tables at the reception. But how do you know that the flowers you choose will look their best immortalized in your wedding photos? Here are some rules of thumb:

1. Make sure the flowers arrive at least an hour before the photographer. One of the worst situations you can find your self in is having your photographer arrive to take photos of the bridal party and there are no flowers!  You can take some photos without the bouquets, but the bride and her attendants wont know what to do with their hands.  They will stand around awkwardly and you will be able to tell in the photos that they weren’t comfortable.  When the flowers finally do arrive, you will waste 30 minutes looking at them and then getting the girls lined up again.  On the day of the wedding, there’s just no time for that.

2. Pull back on the right colors. Too many times, I’ve worked with brides that wanted a whole slew of really bright colors in their bouquets. While tempting, it creates a situation where the flowers totally dominate the photographs and the bride’s pretty face becomes the secondary focus. If you really like bright colors, incorporate them into your reception decor. Or choose one or two for the bouquet surrounded by other, more subtle flowers.

3. If you’re petite, skip the cascade. A cascading bouquet can be really beautiful with the right dress and the right bride. But if you’re on the smaller side, resist the urge. Cascading flowers totally overwhelm short or thin brides, making them look even shorter and thinner. This sort of bouquet can also completely block the petite bride’s dress.