Wedding Colors

To many grooms, selecting a wedding day color may seem quite trivial in the realm of planning the entire wedding event. However, for most brides, choosing a wedding color and/or colors is the glue that connects the dots. It helps define the mood and theme, as well as extends into every aspect of the wedding: the invitations, table décor, centerpieces, cake, flowers, and in some cases the bride’s dress itself.

The trend today is to go big and bold with color everywhere—to make a statement with every little detail to signify your event. Color is now showing up in signature drinks, the hor d’oeuvres, lighting, candles, etc.

So, how do you go about choosing the perfect colors or color scheme for your wedding? Of course, there are many factors to consider in this all-important decision.

First off, consider your favorite color or colors. That just might work for you. If you like pink, incorporate soft hues and shades of pink. If you like more dramatic colors such as burgundy or magenta, infuse those into your creativity. Pick your most-desired colors and done.

To help you choose colors that may not be your preferred choice, look for inspiration in bridal magazines, fabric stores, or even by looking at a Pantone book that showcases tones and variations of colors. You may love green, but by using these resources, you can narrow in on which green. Is it kelly green, forest green, or sage green? You might even select a range of colors that evoke a particular theme. Combine various tones you find in shells like subtle yellows and delicate pinks, with shades of sand and light ocean blues to represent “Summer at the Cape.”

Also, take into consideration the wedding location and ceremony, the time of year, and which colors are in style now. For example, accents of brown and even black are extremely popular with today’s contemporary brides.

Let’s break this down further.

First off, your wedding location may dictate a color scheme for you based on its interior décor. For example, if your reception site is a country club that has navy and gold carpeting and draperies, lavenders, pinks and yellows will definitely clash.

Regarding time of year… if your event is a winter wedding, you may opt for richer colors of deep reds or sapphire blues. For a summer beach-themed wedding, soft tones of peach and oranges might complement the scenery just right. These are all things to consider when accentuating your occasion with color.

Also take into account the feeling you want to evoke on your wedding day. Do you want it to be upbeat and fun? Then choose bold, bright colors. Do you want it to be sophisticated and romantic? Maybe go with a combination of red, black and ivory. Do you want it to be peaceful and Zen-like? Choose soft sages and tans. For a multiple room event, it is also perfectly acceptable to pick one color scheme for your cocktail hour and one for the reception. The possibilities are endless.

Ideas on the easiest wedding uses of color:


One of the most notable trends right now is to select a unique color for your wedding gown itself. More and more couture designers are showcasing dresses made in blush, silver, grays, and shades of champagnes in their collections. They are also adding colorful accents to their dresses, i.e. colored sashes, black and brown trims, combination beading (blues and silvers together), and stand alone appliqués like chiffon flowers in pinks and taupes. In addition, your color palette should extend into your groomsmen’s attire and bridesmaids’ dresses as well. A current trend is for each bridesmaid to have a variation on the style and/or color of the attendant dress. It is perfectly acceptable to forgo being completely “matchy-matchy.”


As the first thing people see, invitations set the stage and initial mood for your event. It’s simple to add “your colors” to the font, personal monogram, or ribbons when announcing the wedding.


When it comes to flowers, there is most likely a particular flower available in your exact colors. Keep in mind however that they may or may not be affordable and in-season at the time. If that is the case, simply select white flowers as your base and small accent flowers in your particular colors to add consistency to your wedding details and décor.


Applying color to your cake is one of the easiest ways to use color. White fondant icing is essentially a blank canvas for colorful detailing with flowers, stripes, or polka dots in your favorite colors. Most fondants can also be made in any color or shade of color today. Another idea, showcase a different color on every layer of your cake for maximum impact.


Simply showcase color in your favor packaging. Use gift tags, paper, fabric, and ribbons to add little touch of your color for your guest gifts.


Colorful cocktails are very popular today. Some ideas include bright yellow Mimosas for an early brunch wedding; pinkish red Cosmos for a destination wedding; or Blue Martinis for a Winter Wonderland evening affair. Yum.

Remember there are many other ways to incorporate color into the small details of your wedding. Think about the napkins, centerpiece containers, colored wine glasses, bridal accessories, guest book, drinks, appetizers, food staging, etc. Be creative, the list goes on and on.

DIY (Do It Yourself)

It’s a fact that nearly every bride these day is looking for ways to stretch her wedding dollars. No matter what kind of wedding budget you have, brides everywhere are learning some of the great benefits of a DIY wedding, and just how easy it can be to have your dream wedding on any kind of budget. DIY, or do it yourself, is one of those terms that has really gotten popular over the past few years and sprang up when people found out how much money they could save by doing some of the work themselves. A DIY wedding is no exception. There are literally dozens of different places in your wedding where some of the most popular DIY wedding tips can really help you out. One of my favorite things about having a DIY wedding isn’t that you can save thousands on your wedding, or even that you can really get your hands dirty into your own wedding planning so that it becomes real to you. No, my favorite thing about having a DIY wedding is that no matter what your wedding budget is, you can have a wedding that is just as beautiful and glamorous as someone who has a much larger budget than you do.

There are lots of great places in your wedding planning where you can insert a personal touch. One of the most popular DIY wedding task that brides are encouraged to do is to make their own wedding invitations, place cards and wedding programs on their home computer and printers. With the technology and software available today, it can only take a few minutes to create some professional looking documents. This kind of DIY wedding planning can save you virtually hundreds off the price of buying them from a professional. Another popular place to save money in weddings can be from making your own wedding favors. Many brides are going with baked treats, homemade candy or other little talent in the kitchen that they have instead of paying several dollars per guest for wedding favors, which can really add up as well. Of course, there are many other places where you can do it yourself, and this is where the big money comes in.

There are some DIY wedding ideas that can save you more money than others, and here are some of the most popular that can literally save you thousands off of your wedding. The first one is making, or asking someone to make your wedding dress for you. I know the task seems huge, but with a little time and a good dress pattern, it’s totally doable. White satin can be had for as little as $8 a yard, and lace trimmings for wedding dresses about the same. Also, another DIY wedding tip that can save you big time is doing your own flower arrangements. Find a wholesaler in your area where you can buy flowers for the same cost as your local florist shops, place a few in a vase for centerpieces, tie some off with a ribbon for bouquets, and you can even make your own corsages and boutonnieres with a pin and florist tape.

There are lots of great ideas for DIY wedding enthusiasts who are looking to save money on their wedding and still have a fabulous wedding that looks like you spent much more on it than you did.

Wedding Stationery Trends

Choosing a wedding invitation can be both a delightful and a difficult task. Whether you’re hosting a casual backyard wedding, a sophisticated black tie affair, or something in between, your wedding invitations set the tone for your big day.

While traditional options are still popular, stationery trends often echo the haute couture fashion of the world’s leading designers and you’ll find your stationer stocks colors and designs fresh from the catwalks. So, what are the latest wedding stationery trends?

* Be bold. While invitations are still available in traditional colors – white, ivory and ecru – many brides are opting for bright and bold colors instead. Think tropical pinks and citrus yellows, alongside deep blood reds and sophisticated black and white motifs.

* Think theme. Invitations that match the color scheme of the wedding are extremely popular. Other themes include the wedding’s location or the season of the year.

* Black and white is back. Black and white is the ultimate wedding theme trend right now, with the juxtaposition of light and dark, old world charm and contemporary chic offering endless sophisticated styles. Black and white can be used in so many different ways – formal white with just a splash of black satin, black flocking, jaunty pin stripes, pretty polka dots or old-style Hollywood glamor.

* Personalize it! High quality photographs and personalized designs are increasingly popular.

* Be inventive. Card-style invitations, tri-folds and specialized presentations (rather than single panel invitations) are increasingly popular. Many include photographs, embellishments like ribbons and bows, scroll invitations and all-in-one pocket-fold cards.

* Stand out from the crowd! Consider non-traditional fonts that make an invitation stand out. Brides are opting for printed calligraphy, artistic fonts and even custom fonts.

* Go eco-chic. Many couples are choosing unique, natural and recycled paper stocks to create a special texture and feel, while preserving the environment at the same time.