Meet Our Officiant Danella Abbey

Reverend Danella Abbey is an ordained, licensed spiritual minister who goes beyond traditional limitations to help you create the most unique, loving and personal ceremony.

Each person has their unique spiritual path. It is this understanding combined with pastoral experience, a keen awareness and respect for “Spirit” that has enabled Reverend Abbey to perform unique ceremonies and rituals. If you are looking for a wedding officiant or minister who demonstrates sensitivity, compassion, and open-mindedness, then Reverend Abbey is the one.

Registered in the five boroughs of New York City and the Hudson Valley/Catskills Region of New York, she honors all philosophies and therefore orchestrates spiritual, life partner, non-denominational, traditional, and civil weddings. In addition to these she also conducts, commitment ceremonies, vow renewals and is a wonderful singer who can vocally express your feelings through song.

The love between both of you and the people you choose to include in your celebration is of utmost importance. Rev. Abbey is honored to be your partner in creating a beautiful day to remember.








DoubleTree by Hilton Tarrytown Provides Tips on the Latest Wedding Trends

When planning a wedding, one of the most important things is for a bride and groom – and their guests – to walk away remembering their wedding as the most spectacular event they have ever had. Incorporating some of the latest wedding trends in both food and décor will help insure that your reception will be an event to remember.

Linda Ferone, Director of Catering for The DoubleTree by Hilton Tarrytown, offers the following trendy and unique ideas for both food and décor that will be sure to make your wedding stand out from the crowd.

Food Trends: Spice up your wedding with dishes and drinks that invoke both nostalgia and novelty.

• Comfort food with a twist. Serve guests foods that they remember as a child, but are now prepared for an adult palate. An example would be Sliders…but make them Kobe beef sliders.

• Bold flavors are big!! You will see more Indian food station stations at buffets and in passing items. Pakora, samosas, curries and chutneys will be incorporated into 2012 menus.

• Pies are popular. You will see more pies in dessert concepts for 2012. Miniature pies, pies to share, hand pies will sometimes be served as opposed to cakes.

• Scotches & Bourbons are all the rage! Dedicated single liquor bars, scotch bars set up as the “after dinner drink”, Mint Juleps, and Manhattans are making a comeback and are replacing the fruit juice vodka cocktails.

• “Short Plates”. Otherwise known as “small plates” are still in vogue, but have a name change. These are miniature tastings of delicious items on small dishes served passed around or on buffet stations.

• Popcorn is not just for the movies anymore. Popcorn stations have replaced candy stations. Using clear cylinders or apothecary jars, assorted flavored popcorns can be offered as a self service station as you exit the reception.

• Engaging the senses is a must for 2012. Can you smell it, hear it, taste it, and see it? These are all elements that should be incorporated as part of the décor or food service.

Décor Trends: The latest trends in wedding reception décor are typically derived from the fashion runway and Hollywood movies.

• Pastels. Pastels are well liked on the runway and will carry on through to events.

These muted colors will be seen in invitations, bridesmaid’s dresses, table linens and floral arrangements. Look for peach, pink and celery colors.

• Geometric Patterns. You will see this in wall coverings, linens, napkins, invitations and throw pillows to show personality in the party.

• Vintage. Things that are old will be new again. From furniture, to glassware, and everything in between, vintage items will be popular this year in décor for events thanks to the movie “The Artist’.

• Hot color combinations. Tangelo & Lime will be a trendy combination.

• Monograms. Both elegant and personal, monograms will be seen in weddings with the bride & grooms initials on just about everything!

• Wedding videos are not just for the bride and groom. Video imagery is getting bigger and better and more common among décor in an event.

• Tabletop gardens are well liked by florists. You will see groupings of natural elements such as moss, orchids, pachyphytum, etc. to create one earthy centerpiece.

“Whether you decide to go with some of these trends or stick to something more traditional, the most important thing is to choose the styles that are right for you as a couple. After all, having a big, happy smile on your face is something that never goes out of style!” concluded Ferone.

About The DoubleTree by Hilton Tarrytown

The DoubleTree by Hilton Tarrytown was recently named a “2012 Best of Weddings” venue by The Knot for its commitment to service and excellence. Set on 11 acres of landscaped grounds in the heart of the Hudson Valley, the hotel offers 247 guest rooms and the largest Grand Ballroom in Westchester County, with 10,000 square feet of flexible space. The DoubleTree by Hilton Tarrytown has a total of 24,000 square feet of meeting and pre-function space, which also includes another ballroom and 17 meeting rooms. In addition, the hotel offers a complimentary business center, indoor pool, sauna, fitness center, day spa, and the delicious Bistro Z restaurant. The hotel offers a beautiful country atmosphere and friendly service for both business and leisure guests.

For more information about The DoubleTree by Hilton Tarrytown, please visit our website at You can also follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter at

Your Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings are romantic and scenic, but there’s a lot that can go wrong. Here’s your guide to planning a trouble-free, outdoor wedding.

Who will officiate?
Some officiants will only perform ceremonies within a house of worship, so you’ll need to check with yours in advance before planning your ceremony outside.

Inform your guests
Guests need to know they’re attending an outdoor wedding so they can dress appropriately. It’s also a good idea to send weather information to out-of-town guests who may not be familiar with the climate.

Be prepared
Combat potential outdoor issues by having the following items on hand:

Plenty of water
Handheld paper or wood fans
Bug spray
Tissues/paper towels

Securing your Outdoor Wedding Location
For an outdoor wedding, the draw is the setting, so finding the right spot and coordinating the event around it is the most important task on your to-do list. Your setting options are as limitless as the great outdoors itself. But before getting your heart set on a specific spot, these are some key questions you’ll need to ask.

Is There Privacy?
Keep in mind that if your location is a public space – or even near a public place (like a street or sidewalk), you may have to contend with onlookers. Try to reserve your space in a secluded spot to prevent unwanted guests or distractions.

What’s The Backup Plan?
Obviously you’ll need a plan in case of inclement weather. If your location doesn’t have indoor facilities to accommodate your event should the skies open, you’ll need to rent a tent. Many rental companies will reserve your tent for a deposit and that way, if the weather is nice and you don’t use it, you don’t lose the full payment.

Can You Hear?
Will guests have to compete with roaring waves, gusting winds, honking cars, or screaming children to hear your vows? You may need to rent a sound system and mics for the officiant and yourselves. Your band or DJ should be able to provide this for you.

Outdoor Décor Elements
Let the setting speak for itself – Don’t compete with Mother Nature; rather, subtly enhance your background (whether it’s a sandy beach, blooming garden, or thick forest) with a complementary color palette and décor elements.
Au Natural – Consider details like burlap table linens and vintage furniture to set your scene. It blends into the outdoor setting while also creating a statement. Get inspired by the vintage gems available from Found Vintage Rentals.
Lighting – Create ambiance in your outdoor space by getting creative with your lighting – there is nothing quite like bistro lights, twinkle lights, or lanterns set against a natural scene.

Outdoor Wedding Flowers
Blooms – An outdoor wedding calls for flowers that can brave all sorts of weather. Look for sturdier blooms like mums, orchids, carnations, alstroemeria, lisianthus, calla lilies, and sunflowers. Also, don’t overlook these hearty, simple floral embellishments that look fabulous by themselves: baby’s breath, bells of Ireland, hypernicum berry, bupleurum, and dusty miller.
Style – Keep your containers and arrangements natural-looking, as an intricately designed, elaborate pedestal centerpiece in a tall candelabra just doesn’t fit. Instead, use loose arrangements in mason jars, wooden boxes, vintage containers, crates, or pails.

Outdoor Wedding Menu
Keep it simple – Even an elegant outdoor wedding calls for simpler fare that can withstand varied temperatures, so avoid items like mayonnaise or dishes which must be served cold. If yours is a casual affair, consider a traditional outdoor barbeque.
Keep guests refreshed – Have plenty of ice and water, along with teas or lemonades, especially if your outdoor wedding will take place in a warm environment. Alcoholic beverages like sangria, mojitos, or mint juleps will also keep your guests refreshed.

Outdoor Wedding Cake Ideas
Make it last – Wedding cakes can melt outside. Opt for fondant icing over buttercream. Stay away from mousse and ice cream cakes. Many types of cupcakes hold up well in the heat.

Outdoor Wedding Attire
Bride – Dare to go casual. Outdoor settings allow for breezy fabrics and shorter hemlines. Knee and tea-length gowns are making a major comeback, while lace and/or organza are good outdoor fabric options. But if traditional elegance is what you prefer then you can still plan a formal dress code – just consider what’s best suited for sun, sand, or grass.
Bridesmaid – You may want to forgo the giant ball gown and instead, stick to a romantic empire or a-line dress in a flowing organza or light-catching taffeta.
Shoes – For both bride and bridesmaids, opt for a wide, flat heel, cute ballet flats, or strappy sandals, as a stiletto may sink right into the ground.
For the guys – Lose the tux and consider an unbuttoned affair. Dress the guys in khakis and sport jackets or crisp oxfords. If you’re heart is set on a tux, get a vest with a full back – which will look better when their coats are off.

Outdoor Wedding Favors

Keep ‘em cool – Personalized paper fans are both decorative and functional.
Keep love blooming – By giving packs of flower seeds.
Plant it – Gift them with miniature potted plants or herbs.
Give – Forgo the traditional favors and donate to your favorite “green” organization in your guests’ names.

Outdoor Wedding Getaway
Up and away – A hot air balloon makes a dramatic statement and affords some romantic alone time with your new spouse
Sail away – Make your exit on a sail boat, yacht, catamaran, or canoe (hint: you’ll need a body of water).
Horseback – Make sure you practice before you galloping into the sunset.
Vintage Flatbed Truck – ‘Cause you’re a down-home couple at heart.
Horse-drawn carriage– This romantic exit is the ultimate departure fit for a princess.

Outdoor Wedding Entertainment

Fun and games – In a natural outdoor setting, you’re not limited to a traditional band or deejay to entertain the crowd; outdoor games like horseshoes or croquet can be a fun and unexpected twist.

Advice for Forgoing the Traditional Wedding Venue

Many wedding venues have outdoor settings available, which makes planning an alfresco event a bit easier (they provide and handle the essentials). If you’re planning your outdoor wedding at a public park, beach or private home; however, you’ll have added details to attend to:

Public outdoor locations require numerous permits and fees. Be sure to find out about any restrictions on noise, alcohol consumption, number of guests, food preparation, tables, tents, and time limits.

Rental fees
Keep in mind that you’ll have to rent everything – from tables and chairs to bathrooms and sound systems – and these rental fees can up your bottom line.

Attention to detail is key to the success of an outdoor wedding. Coordinating the permits, rentals, backup plans – not to mention the typical wedding details – can be taxing. Seriously consider enlisting the help of a professional coordinator to keep things together.

Is there convenient parking? If not, you’ll need to secure a nearby lot and provide a shuttle – especially if you’ll have elderly guests or others with limited mobility.

Wedding Insurance
Outdoor weddings are a prime candidate for insurance, which will to help recoup losses caused by extreme weather conditions or any other circumstances that prevent your wedding from taking place.

Convertible Wedding Dresses

If you are planning a wedding and have been looking at wedding gowns, you probably already know one of the most popular trends is the convertible wedding gown. The convertible wedding gown is a traditional full ball gown with a cleverly placed detachable skirt transforming your full gown into a fun, party dress.

It’s basically two dresses for the price of one without the actual hassle of changing from one dress to another. Brides love the convertible gowns because of the unique style and look that sets them apart. For those brides who are price conscious, this gown is what they are looking for because of the comfortable fit and the minimal alterations needed. Convertible gowns can be sassy and fun! It’s a look that will wow your wedding guests by showing up at the your reception with sexy side of your shorter wedding gown.

The benefits of a convertible wedding gown:

  • Saves on alterations and eliminates the hassles of bustling your gown.
  • This two-dress look can show off your curves even before making it short and then detach the skirt and show off those legs!
  • Great for dancing the night away at your reception.
  • Fun for photos!
  • Bonus! Most convertible gown have pockets! Perfect for your lip gloss, tissues or a mirror!
  • What a great way to show off those sassy shoes you want to wear at your wedding!
  • Yes, you really can wear your wedding dress again! Take your shorter version of your convertible gown with you on your honeymoon for that romantic dinner with your husband!

Just a reminder in looking for convertible gowns, find a style that flattering to your body type and shape. There are many styles to this type of gown, so don’t just settle on a gown because it’s a convertible.

Wedding Dessert Ideas

In addition to the wedding cake, some couples also splurge on a Viennese table/buffet, an impressive display of assorted cookies, mini pies, pastries or fresh fruit, for dessert. Some couples even opt for a fun, colorful candy bar straight out of “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory” or a dessert station with gourmet cupcake towers and cookies but another great dessert option to consider is the interactive dessert station. Interactive dessert stations allow guests to get involved and actually create their own delectable desserts or watch as their desserts are created by a chef. Here are a few interactive dessert station ideas to consider that will have everyone talking well after the wedding is over.

Ice cream bar

Not just for kids’ parties, ice cream bars are a big hit with adults too! Ice cream bars are versatile and offer multiple dessert options. They can be sundae bars with lots of toppings for guests to select from like sprinkles, candy pieces, nuts, fresh fruit, flavored syrups and whipped cream. Add some fresh baked waffles, and the ice cream bar becomes a waffle and ice cream sandwich bar. Add some root beer, cola or club soda, and the ice cream bar becomes an ice cream soda station. Crazy for ice cream? Offer all of the above options. Your guests will thank you.

Bananas foster or crepes

Bananas foster is a popular New Orleans dessert that is created in a flambé pan with bananas cooked in brown sugar, butter, banana liqueur and rum and served with vanilla ice cream. The rum gets ignited during cooking, making this a showy dish that is delicious and fun to watch get made. Crepes are French pancakes that are also fun to prepare and eat. You can fill crepes with a variety of items like syrups, fresh fruit, nuts or Nutella spread and top with them with whipped cream for a sweet and satisfying dessert.

S’mores station

Who doesn’t like s’mores? Nothing brings out the little kid in you like making some s’mores. Guests can make them the old fashioned way by melting the marshmallow over a flame or electric burner and nestling the marshmallow and chocolate between two graham crackers, or for a more modern take, dip chocolate covered graham crackers in marshmallow fluff and have a server melt it all with a mini blowtorch.

Chocolate Fountain

Guests select items like pound cake, pretzel nuggets, Rice Krispies Treats, fresh fruit and marshmallows, skewer them up, and then dip them into the cascading fountain of melted chocolate. A chocolate fountain not only looks great, it tastes great too.

Fried dough

Fried dough in any form is fabulous and there are several variations on fried dough that would work well for an interactive dessert station. Perfect with a cup of coffee, there’s nothing better than freshly fried donuts rolled in sugar or cinnamon or donut holes with chocolate or caramel dipping sauces to top off the night. Zeppole, Italian deep fried dough balls covered in powdered sugar, taste great plain or filled with custard or pastry cream. Then there is the fun and more casual option of a funnel cake station. The deep fried batter is sprinkled with powdered sugar and can also include a topping of fresh fruit or jam.

Interactive dessert stations are sinfully sweet and a big hit at every wedding. Ask your caterer or reception venue if they offer interactive dessert stations, and if not, perhaps they’ll allow you to bring in an outside vendor that rents the equipment and provides the necessary supplies and servers.

Free Wedding Workbook & Website For Our Couples

For Our Contracted Couples Only
Free Wedding Workbook & Website

Workbook Services Include:

Guest List & Budget
Task Calendar
Wedding Ceremony and Reception
Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner
Seating Arrangements
Engagement Activities
Bridesmaid’s Luncheon
Bridal Shower
Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties
Post-Wedding Activities
Gifts and Thank Yous
Costs and Payments
Vendors and Contacts
Out of Town Guests
Gift Registry
Create and Collect Notes Electronically
Organize Notes into your own Categories
Attach images and Links to Notes
Share Notes with Family and Friends
Maintain a Master Email List for your Wedding
Create Customized Lists
Send Email in Bulk
Works with your Existing Email Address
and so much more!!

Contact us today to have this set up for you for free.

Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Invitations customarily begin with:

Host(s) name
The request line
Name of Bride and groom
Date and time
Address Line
Reception Line

Traditionally, the bride’s parents host the wedding and their names appear on the host line. However, with blended families, couples marrying later in life and varying economic situations, the hosts may not be the bride’s parents but a combination of hosts so follow the circumstances that fit your wedding.

If the groom’s parents are co-hosting the wedding along with the bride’s parents, it is customary for the bride’s parent’s names to appear first and the groom’s parent’s names to follow.

If the groom’s parents are not co-hosting the wedding but the couple wishes to acknowledge them, their name appears after the groom’s name.

In a situation where the couple is paying for their own wedding, I suggest the following:

Together with their families
Miss Mary Jones
Mr. John Smith

Names and spelling for wedding invitations etiquette

Titles are not spelled out, instead use the abbreviations for Mr., Mrs. and Ms. The title Doctor should not be abbreviated.

If the bride has the same last name as her parents, then only use her first and middle name.

The groom’s complete name is used with his title, Mr., Doctor, Captain.

In a situation where there is a divorce the parent’s names should appear on a separate line without the word “and.” If the Mom is remarried use her married name. In years gone by it wasn’t proper to include a stepparent’s name, however, if the bride or groom wishes, they may add their step parent’s name.

In cases where a parent is deceased and the bride or groom wants to include their name, they should make it clear that the person is deceased by including the word “late.” An example of this wording is John Jones and the late Mary Jones. Omit titles as they would appear awkward.

If the ceremony is being performed in a church, synagogue, mosque or any house of worship then the phrase “the honour of your presence” is used. There are many variations of wording that are acceptable and proper for the couple to choose.

Additional tips and ideas for wedding invitations etiquette

When the ceremony and reception are in separate locations, then a separate reception card is customary.

If you are inviting some guests only to the ceremony, then a separate reception card is necessary.

Some couples are choosing to have a scaled down party after the ceremony. This is perfectly acceptable however; it’s courteous to inform your guests of such. You may phrase your invitation to read, “cocktails to follow” in place of, “reception to follow.”

Couples wishing to have a reception with casual attire or a black tie affair, they should place that information on the reception card or on the lower right hand corner of the invite.

Bridal registry information should not be placed anywhere on your wedding invitation.

Wedding Invitations Etiquette for Additional Guests

A bride is obligated to invite engaged friends, and relatives with a guest. This is also true for guests that have a live in romantic partner.

If your friends or family members are just dating it is not mandatory to include a guest for them.

If your guest is in a long term relationship then the decision is up to you; you do need to be careful to be consistent with your invites as not to insult any of your friends or family members.

Some unmarried guests may be insulted if they are not permitted to bring a guest, so be prepared with a stock answer. Something in the line of, “I’d love to have everyone bring a guest but it just isn’t possible because ….. ” and then give your reason. Perhaps your church or reception room is too small, or too costly, or if I permit you to bring a guest then I will have to allow so and so to bring a guest also.

Couples are not obligated to permit their bridesmaids and groomsmen to bring a guest, however it is a nice gesture since they are doing so much for you.

Hand written envelopes are a must; please do not use labels to address your invitations. You may handwrite your own, have a friend help you or if your budget permits, hire a calligrapher to address the wedding invitations.

Wedding Invitations Etiquette timeframe

It is best to send all your invitations at the same time.

Tradition has it that a bride should send her invitations about six to eight weeks before her wedding, with an R.S.V.P. date of three to four weeks before the wedding.

If a guest lives out of town or in another country and you would like to give them more time to respond, then send them a letter ahead of time. This way you won’t have two sets of invitations going out giving your guests the impression that you have an A and B invite list.

Wedding invitations etiquette is a little tricky so in addition to this blog you may wish to consult Martha Stewart’s or Emily Post’s web sites for further information.

Tips for Great Engagement Photos

Brides frequently ask me for advice on how to get great results in their engagement photos. Of course, a talented photographer is very important. But there are a lot of factors that you yourself can control in order to achieve your desired effect.

1- Location location location. Ideally the location you choose for your engagements should be someplace that is special to the two of you. Did he propose in a garden? What interests do you share- your pets? Books? Food (yes even cooking together can yield some very romantic results)? Think about what time of year you want to do your shoot and plan accordingly. Winter engagements are best done indoors, with an architectural theme, or in the snow if possible!

2- Mood. If you want to have serious, romantic pictures of the two of you, it’s probably best not to arrange your photos to be shot in a zoo. Likewise, if you want to have some fun with them, a studio backdrop or heavy elements like statues is not always the best option. The location that you’ve chosen should match the mood you want.

3- End result. Decide what you want to do with these photos before you take them. Simply doing Save the Dates can be a short, simple session and if you will want to add text to your photos later your photographer should have that in mind when composing shots. If you want this to be a full session of the two of you, plan for a couple of hours, outfits (which I’ll get to next), and maybe some props to keep it interesting. These longer sessions are ideal if you’re planning on making an album of your photos, are big into scrap-booking, or want to take advantage of having the attention of a professional photographer.

4- Your appearance. Your attire should match the location and mood you’re going for. Engagement sessions are one of the only times, if not the only time, that just the two of you will have amazing portraits taken wherever you want. Take advantage of it! Plan your outfits to coordinate, but not match. This is the time for cute dresses and button down shirts, not jeans and sneakers. Simple silhouettes in neutral or low key solid colors are best. However, you have to use your best judgment- if you’re doing a rustic outdoor engagement shoot and wedding, feel free to bring the broken in jeans and cowboy boots. Heels are not appropriate if you’re planning on going off the pavement, but boots and flats look good with many outfits. It’s also always a good idea to bring a second outfit and a cute jacket. If you’re not usually into doing hair and makeup, consider doing it (or having someone else do it) for this occasion. The extra effort will pay off and you will look even more amazing than usual.

5- Do some local research. Some locations require permits to shoot, have public access restrictions, require fees to enter, or are closed on some days of the week. Before you commit to any plans with your photographer, make sure there will be no surprises along these lines and make your photographer aware if they will have any limitations. If possible use the internet to find examples of other engagements done in the same or a similar setting. Your photographer should be willing to work with your ideas to come up with a unique portrait session for you.

How to ask your parents for wedding money

Traditionally in this country, it is the bride’s parents who pay for the wedding event. However, times have changed and now many grooms want to contribute to the financial aspect of the affair. If you are a groom-to-be and your parents have conservative views about wedding traditions, asking them or anyone in your family to contribute to your wedding can be quite a challenge. But just like most things in this world, it can be resolved with the right diplomacy and some effective strategies. Here are some pointers to help you in this process.

1. Find the right time to talk to them.

As experience may have taught you, timing is everything. Just like when you were young, you never asked for date money when your dad and mom were fighting or when they were having a hard time about something. You always found the right moment. It is not any different today.

You should find the right time where both of your parents and your whole family are at ease, they are not stressed or problematic, and the atmosphere in the house is not tense. This would give you better chances for getting a yes on your financial request.

2. Gather them together in a place where you can talk.

Aside from the timing, you should also find a nice place where you and your family could talk. Choose a venue that is peaceful and quiet. This means that a disco bar, a fast food place, or the living room (where the kids hang out) are a no-no. Hold the conversation in a peaceful area in the house or ask them to join you for a cup of coffee in a café.

3. Talk to them about it nicely.

Tell them directly and nicely without beating around the bush. Something like, “Mom, Dad, I know this is not the tradition, but if it is all right with you, I would just like to ask your help for my wedding” would be an effective way to start. Never make guilt-trip strategies like (“Mom, remember I paid for your hospital expenses when you got sick?” or “Dad, it is about time you paid me back for the down payment I got you for your car.”)

4. Do not force them to contribute beyond what they can afford.

Now if your family agreed to make a contribution to your wedding, do not demand them to give an amount that they cannot afford or that they are not willing to share. Whatever amount they give you, be happy about it. (“What, you are only giving me this?! This is barely enough for the invitation expenses!” This is never a good way to thank your family for the financial assistance they extended.)

Just remember that these techniques are not 100% effective and it is still possible that after you have done everything right, your parents would not or could not make a financial contribution to your wedding. Because of this possibility, you should always have a back-up plan. You should have enough savings that you can use to spend for your wedding event. But sure enough, your family loves you and that they will probably do everything to make sure that they are able to help you in some other ways.

Wedding Themes

Many couples choose to have a wedding theme for their special day. It is a great way of coordinating the whole look & feel of the day as well the style & atmosphere. Most will choose something that is close to their hearts, perhaps centered on a favorite film, a place or period in time. As with everything wedding related the choice is a personal one & one which should reflect your own personalities & tastes. If you are considering venturing down the wedding theme route, then here are some ideas to help:

Parisian Nightlife: A Moulin Rouge style theme will certainly bring a sense of frivolity & luxury to your wedding. Imagine draping your tables in rich burgundy linens, large candles & elegant candelabras, crystal chandeliers & accents of silver & gold. This whole theme revolves around the opulence of the famous Parisian venue, arrange for some can-can dancers to entertain your guests & set up pyramids of Parisian saucers & create your own champagne fountain!

Oscar Night: Imagine a Hollywood inspired wedding with an Oscars style theme. Hire an opulent ballroom & set up a red carpet for your guests to walk up as they enter the reception. Arrange for your photographer to be present at the entrance to photograph them on the way in! Whilst giant Oscar statues may be out of your budget, you could look into having some chocolate versions made for your wedding favors. Name your tables after your favorite films & play film soundtracks at your evening reception.

Roses & Romance: Bring together a scheme of delicate pink roses & soft twinkling crystal chandeliers. Drape your tables with pink damask cloths & have your florist create some beautiful centerpieces in gold urns. Decorate the walls with garlands of flowers & give your guests heart shaped wedding favors. Make sure you have plenty of candles & tea lights to lit when the evening draws in to create a romantic atmosphere.

Tropical Beach: Think Caribbean for this theme. The best location would be a beach setting of course, but with a little imagination you could make it work elsewhere. Set up a bar & serve tropical cocktails, let your guests finish their meal with a tropical fruit cocktail whilst being entertained by a steel band. This is an amazing theme for a relaxed wedding home or abroad.

Winter Wonderland: A very popular theme & totally magical for a wedding. Imagine snow, sparkling ice crystals, soft candles & sleigh rides. Decorate your reception room with icy birch trees & hanging crystals. Stick to a color scheme of cool blues, white & silver. Arrive at your ceremony on a horse drawn sleigh & provide your bridesmaid with warm fur wraps.

A Taste of the Orient: Another popular theme is Asian style. Wonderful weddings can be created drawing on influences from the Far East. Think about fans, chopsticks, cherry blossom, cranes & fortune cookies. You can choose to go for stylish red & black or go Zen like with a simple, natural look, accented with bamboo & river pebbles.

A 1001 Nights: Think Bedouin tents & nights under the stars in the desert. Let your guests sit upon low stools or silk cushions, whilst being served fragrant mint tea or champagne from embossed brass trays. Hire belly dancers to entertain your guests & create relaxed seating areas complete with coffee tables & Turkish delicacies!

Indian Spice: Follow the spice trail & create a beautiful & vibrant theme based around India. Drape sari’s over your tables, serve up traditional Indian dishes & give your guests wedding favors of fragrant spice sachets & pretty Indian bangles. You could even set up a henna table where guests can have beautiful henna tattoos done.

Country & Western: Imagine corn fields, barns & gingham! This theme is so easy to pull off & in my opinion will lead to a fun & fabulous wedding everyone will enjoy! Keep everything slightly rustic, from the decorations to the food, pure & simple is the order here. A barbecue or hog roast would work well for your wedding breakfast & can be continued into the evening reception as well. Entertain your guests with line dancing & send them home with lucky horseshoes or homemade corn dollies.

Highland Fling: If you or your partner have Scottish roots then celebrate them at your wedding. Pick out a tartan that you like & use it for everything from your table covers & napkins to ribbon accents on your wedding favors. Make table centers with Scottish thistles & heathers & serve your guests a tot of whiskey on arrival! For entertainment you could get them all dancing the highland jig!