Wedding Themes

Many couples choose to have a wedding theme for their special day. It is a great way of coordinating the whole look & feel of the day as well the style & atmosphere. Most will choose something that is close to their hearts, perhaps centered on a favorite film, a place or period in time. As with everything wedding related the choice is a personal one & one which should reflect your own personalities & tastes. If you are considering venturing down the wedding theme route, then here are some ideas to help:

Parisian Nightlife: A Moulin Rouge style theme will certainly bring a sense of frivolity & luxury to your wedding. Imagine draping your tables in rich burgundy linens, large candles & elegant candelabras, crystal chandeliers & accents of silver & gold. This whole theme revolves around the opulence of the famous Parisian venue, arrange for some can-can dancers to entertain your guests & set up pyramids of Parisian saucers & create your own champagne fountain!

Oscar Night: Imagine a Hollywood inspired wedding with an Oscars style theme. Hire an opulent ballroom & set up a red carpet for your guests to walk up as they enter the reception. Arrange for your photographer to be present at the entrance to photograph them on the way in! Whilst giant Oscar statues may be out of your budget, you could look into having some chocolate versions made for your wedding favors. Name your tables after your favorite films & play film soundtracks at your evening reception.

Roses & Romance: Bring together a scheme of delicate pink roses & soft twinkling crystal chandeliers. Drape your tables with pink damask cloths & have your florist create some beautiful centerpieces in gold urns. Decorate the walls with garlands of flowers & give your guests heart shaped wedding favors. Make sure you have plenty of candles & tea lights to lit when the evening draws in to create a romantic atmosphere.

Tropical Beach: Think Caribbean for this theme. The best location would be a beach setting of course, but with a little imagination you could make it work elsewhere. Set up a bar & serve tropical cocktails, let your guests finish their meal with a tropical fruit cocktail whilst being entertained by a steel band. This is an amazing theme for a relaxed wedding home or abroad.

Winter Wonderland: A very popular theme & totally magical for a wedding. Imagine snow, sparkling ice crystals, soft candles & sleigh rides. Decorate your reception room with icy birch trees & hanging crystals. Stick to a color scheme of cool blues, white & silver. Arrive at your ceremony on a horse drawn sleigh & provide your bridesmaid with warm fur wraps.

A Taste of the Orient: Another popular theme is Asian style. Wonderful weddings can be created drawing on influences from the Far East. Think about fans, chopsticks, cherry blossom, cranes & fortune cookies. You can choose to go for stylish red & black or go Zen like with a simple, natural look, accented with bamboo & river pebbles.

A 1001 Nights: Think Bedouin tents & nights under the stars in the desert. Let your guests sit upon low stools or silk cushions, whilst being served fragrant mint tea or champagne from embossed brass trays. Hire belly dancers to entertain your guests & create relaxed seating areas complete with coffee tables & Turkish delicacies!

Indian Spice: Follow the spice trail & create a beautiful & vibrant theme based around India. Drape sari’s over your tables, serve up traditional Indian dishes & give your guests wedding favors of fragrant spice sachets & pretty Indian bangles. You could even set up a henna table where guests can have beautiful henna tattoos done.

Country & Western: Imagine corn fields, barns & gingham! This theme is so easy to pull off & in my opinion will lead to a fun & fabulous wedding everyone will enjoy! Keep everything slightly rustic, from the decorations to the food, pure & simple is the order here. A barbecue or hog roast would work well for your wedding breakfast & can be continued into the evening reception as well. Entertain your guests with line dancing & send them home with lucky horseshoes or homemade corn dollies.

Highland Fling: If you or your partner have Scottish roots then celebrate them at your wedding. Pick out a tartan that you like & use it for everything from your table covers & napkins to ribbon accents on your wedding favors. Make table centers with Scottish thistles & heathers & serve your guests a tot of whiskey on arrival! For entertainment you could get them all dancing the highland jig!